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Explore the scenic beauty!!! Gaze the heart of Udaipur city!!

MyUdaipurCity.com is the place where you will touch the heart of Udaipur city. We will let you introduce to the mesmerizing places of Udaipur with some interesting and historical happenings. The platform will keep you updated with all the latest news and events happening in the city.

We will serve some untouched story of the city which you never tried to explore. Its is a place where you will be regularly feeded by some interesting and happy facts about the city. The stories here will again make you connect with truly traditional culture.

Whether it a event, a function or any festival celebrating, we will keep you updating with every bit of it. Read more and know more about the place where you live.

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Neeraj Mishra

Neeraj Mishra  A professional blogger, SEO expert and hard core programming lover. He loves to share his knowledge with the help of his various blogs. His blogs got featured on popular sites like forbes.com and feedspot.com.

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Sumit Gendar – His network creates his net worth! Decisive, manipulative, strong headed, innovative. His convincing skills are fabulous and management skills are stupendous.

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Mayank Khandiwal – He follows, curates, and creates most of the news articles and is best at finding the latest worthful news in the industry. He’s a genius from his mind and, at the same time, possesses hard work to accomplish specified goals.

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Divya Sharma

Divya Sharma –  An industrious and sympathetic personality with a straight-forward and impartial attitude. A story-teller with her magical tales. Ambitious and decisive in everything, she specializes in multitasking and managing her flexibility in work.

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Sneha Chadha

Sneha Chadha  She, who considers writing as her ‘Betrothed’, attains serenity in devising artistic opus.

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