Cost of Destination Wedding in Udaipur

If you’re still deciding the venue for your destination wedding, this is the right place for you. Here you’ll be able to acquire all the necessary information to setup a wedding along with the estimated cost of destination wedding in Udaipur.

Udaipur has now established itself as a top notch venue for having a destination wedding. It attracts couples from all around the world aspiring to live their King/Queen Size dreams of having a Royal Wedding in Udaipur.

We’ve split the cost of wedding in three categories: High Budget Royal Wedding, Moderate budget Royal Wedding, Budget friendly Royal Wedding. Magic Lights Wedding Planners provide wedding packages for all three categories. Wedding packages include wedding décor, guest management, transportation and more services required in a wedding.

Cost of Destination Wedding in Udaipur

High Budget Royal Wedding

  • The most luxurious wedding that can be setup in Udaipur is the ‘Fairy Tale affair in between water’ that is possible if you choose The Jagmandir Island as the wedding venue, it cannot accommodate people but there are other hotels of HRH property available for the accommodation of guests nearby.

Jagmandir Island Wedding

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  • The cost of 1 ceremony in Jagmandir Island is Rs20 lakhs+ taxes for 100 guests, if the guests exceed the 100 limit then Rs9000+ tax per person for the guests ranging from 101-200 limit. If the 300 guests are expected to attend the ceremony then Rs8000+ tax per person for guests ranging from 101-300, and if the guest limit is 400 guests then Rs7000+ tax per person for 101-400 guests.
  • Therefore if we calculate a wedding ceremony in Jagmandir Island:
    • For 100 guests: 20 lakhs + taxes
    • For 200 guests: 29 lakhs + taxes
    • For 300 guests: 36 lakhs + taxes
    • For 400 guests: 41 lakhs + taxes
  • The above charges include venue charges, standard decoration cost, Shehnai and nagadas, Standard buffet and refreshments, and Entertainment. Note that the above is only applicable for 1 wedding ceremony and doesn’t include accommodation and other miscellaneous cost.
  • Another option for having a Royal wedding is in The Zenana Mahal or The Manek Chowk in City Palace Udaipur which was once the royal palace of the Maharanas. The cost for both the venues is same as The Jagmandir Island.

city palace udaipur wedding

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  • The accommodation of guests can be done in other HRH properties like Shiv Niwas Palace and Fateh Prakash Palace, the price per room will range from Rs23,000 to Rs1,32,000 per night.
  • Other locations for having a High Budget Royal Wedding include:
    • The Leela Udaipur: Rooms starting from Rs40,000 and meals per person range from Rs3500 to Rs6500 per person. Decoration and other charges for the wedding are exclusive.

The Leela Place Wedding

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    • Oberoi Udai Vilas: Rooms starting from Rs45,000 and meals per person range from Rs3500 to Rs6500 per person. Decoration and other charges for the wedding are exclusive.

The Oberoi Udaivilas Udaipur

  • Discussing Décor cost, the grand wedding will surely require unique elaborate decoration stuff which will cost around 30-35 lakh. Transportation charges will be according to the transport selected, a private car will cost around 2,500 to 3,500 per day. An elite photographer will charge around 1.5 lakhs – 2 lakhs per day.

The high budget destination wedding in Udaipur will approximately cost around Rs1 Cr to 1.5 Cr.

Moderate Budget Royal Wedding

  • There are other options available for having a moderate Budget Royal Wedding.
  • If you still wish to marry in the palace and relish the Fairy Tale King Size wedding, it is still possible in this budget.
  • You can book The Jagmandir Island or The Zenana Mahal or The Manek Chowk for a single wedding ceremony and opt for other 3-4 stars hotels like Radisson Blu, The Trident, Chunda Palace for other ceremonies and accommodation.
  • Same can be done if you wish to plan a ceremony or multiple ceremonies in The Leela Udaipur or Obroi Udai Vilas, by accommodating guests in other cheaper options.
  • But if you wish to organize the wedding events and accommodate the guests also in the same hotel and have a Moderate Budget Royal Wedding then there are several options for the same available too:
    • Ramada Resort: For having a lavish wedding in a single property, this resort can offer you several locations in the same premises. This may not give away a Royal look, but the décor can be arranged accordingly to replicate the royal touch. Rooms starting from Rs10,000 per night and meals range from Rs1500 to Rs2500 per person. The décor and other miscellaneous charges are exclusive.

Ramada Udaipur Wedding

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    • Ananta Resort: For a grand wedding with a huge guest list, this is the appropriate option. It has in total 180 rooms and a huge area with several event locations. Rooms starting from Rs 12,000 per night and meals ranging from Rs1200 to Rs2000 per person. Décor and other arrangements have to be paid separately to the respective Event mgt. company.

Ananta Resort Wedding

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    • Radisson Blu: Another great option for the moderate Royal Wedding in Udaipur, with 240 rooms in total. A venue where the Bollywood actor Neil Nitin Mukesh chose to get married. Rooms start from Rs12,000 per night and meals range from Rs1200 to Rs2000 approx. Décor and other charges are exclusive.


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    • Chunda Palace: If you have a small guest list and you aspire a royal palace wedding, this is the location for you. The Chunda Palace has in total 46 rooms and suites and will be ideal for a wedding of 150-160 guests. Rooms starting from Rs10,000 and meals ranging from Rs1000 to Rs1800 approx per person.

Chunda Palace Udaipur Wedding

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The moderate budget royal wedding in Udaipur will cost around 1Cr or less.

Budget Friendly Royal Wedding

  • The Budget friendly royal wedding is all about acting smart and saving those extra bucks.
  • You can still conduct your wedding events in 3-4 star hotels like Chunda Palace, Radisson Blu, Ramada Resort, Ananta Resort, Hotel Lakend and other lavish properties.
  • All you need to do is control the accommodation cost!
  • Organize the dreamy royal wedding in the prominent resorts of Udaipur and accommodate the guests in the nearby hotels offering rooms at a much nominal price. The transportation cost will surely increase but will still be less than the accommodation cost that will be spent on accommodating the guests in these lavish properties.
  • Another tip that can low down the cost of your destination wedding in Udaipur is to control the décor cost as well. The minimum décor charges start from 6 lakhs for a decent wedding and can go upto 35 lakhs. Choosing the right options for your wedding can soothe your pockets well.
  • The above monitored wedding can cost upto 50-70 lakhs approximately.
  • If you still wish to lower the wedding cost other venue options can be Amantra Shilpi Resort, Hotel Rani Village, Hotel Inder Residency, Shouryagarh Resort & Spa and other hotels.

Shourya Garh Resort and Spa Udaipur

  • The Budget friendly wedding in Udaipur can be accustomed by watching out several other expenses like hiring a local photographer, accommodating guests in affordable hotels, selecting the venue option wisely, also selecting the dishes in the menu to be served in your wedding ceremonies.

A budget friendly royal wedding can cost around 40-70 lakhs.


  1. The royal look can be maintained by dressing up like Maharajas and Maharanis in the wedding, including several props in the décor part that give out a royal impression.
  2. Grand entries on elephants for the bride and groom can be arranged.
  3. Authentic Rajasthani Cuisine can be served for taking the guests into the vintage palace wedding.
  4. Also instead of taking the meals package offered by the hotels or resorts, if the hotel allows, you can hire an outside caterer serving mouth-watering dishes.

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