5 Best Diagnostic Centers in Udaipur

Udaipur a city in the state of Rajasthan also known as the city of lakes with a population of more than 3.4 million, requires a proper health care facilities to maintain the health requirements of its citizens. The growth of the health sector in this city is been increasing and developing day by day. The city has developed and has come up large no. of diagnostic centers, hospitals, and clinics. This city also has medical educational facilities for aspiring student and future doctors. In this article, we will bring you a list of the top diagnostic centers in Udaipur. 

Diagnostic testing plays an important role in the medical field as it helps the doctors to find the reason behind the problem and provide the best treatment. Recognizing the health issue is nearly impossible. To achieve and find effective treatment plans for their patients, diagnostic centers provide doctors with the accurate results of the diagnosis. These medical diagnostic tests are not harmful to anyone no matter what age they belong. Diagnostic centers are highly equipped with the best medical equipment. 

This article contains the best medical diagnostic centers available in the city of Udaipur. These diagnostic centers are highly famous for their best health facilities and hospitality and have the best goodwill through word of mouth. Diagnostic centers are fully equipped with the latest technologies and experienced staff members, along with professional doctors who help in identifying the disease.

5 Best Diagnostic Centers in Udaipur

1. Arth Diagnostic Center

Arth Diagnostic Center

Arth Diagnostics is one of the most famous medical diagnostic centers in Udaipur. It is one of the most reputed diagnostic centers that provide the best medical services at an affordable price range. The staff and the team members are experienced and have been working for a long time and are known for their hospitality. Arth also provides the facility of home blood collection, so you can just call them and get your samples collected at your doorsteps easily and conveniently.

  • Address: Arth Building, 4-C, Madhuban Bank St, opp. CANARA BANK, Madhuban, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001
  • Timing: 6 AM – 9 PM (Mon-Sat), 6 AM – 5 PM (Sunday) 
  • Contact: 70738 18880

2. Medicenter Sonography and Clinical Lab

Medicenter Sonography and Clinical Lab Udaipur

Medicentre Sonography & Clinical Lab provides a large range of medical services in Radiology, pathology & microbiology. They also have labs that work on cancer, neuro, and many other critical diagnoses. The medicentre works with the most efficient staff and provides the most accurate diagnostic results.

  • Address: Shrinath Plaza, Government hospital road, Madhuban, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001
  • Timing: 7AM – 10PM (Mon-Sun)
  • Contact: 7665000234

3. Dr Lal Path Labs

dr lal path labs udaipur

Dr. Lal Path Labs is one of the top pathology labs in India and has established many diagnostic centers all over the country providing medical services efficiently, Dr. Lal Path has grown its reputation over the years and known for its best medical services. Dr. Lal Path Lab is equipped with the latest medical and laboratory equipment and with an experienced team of doctors and staff. There are various centers situated at different locations in the city. You can choose one according to your convenience.

  • Address: 24-C, near Chetak Circle, opp. GPO, Madhuban, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001
  • Timing: 6AM – 9PM (Mon-Sun)
  • Contact: 011 4988 5050

4. Chaudhary Hospital

Chaudhary Hospital Udaipur

The Diagnostic Centre at Dr. Chaudhary Hospital provides the diagnostic test for almost all the ailments in the human body under one roof. It is updated with the latest technologies and new techniques of diagnostic services and provides accurate diagnosis results. It has an experienced team of doctors and staff members. It is known for its high standards and moral values which makes this center a reliable source for medical diagnostic services.

  • Address: 472, 473, Sector 4, Hiran Magri, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313002
  • Timing: Open 24 Hours
  • Contact: 0294 246 5566

5. Anil Clinic

anil clinic udaipur

Anil Clinic Diagnostics is one of the most famous medical diagnostic centers in Udaipur, which provides the best quality preventive health care services at an affordable price range. Anil Clinic is equipped with the latest laboratory equipment and highly trained staff in almost all departments to ensure accurate results. Anil Clinic has the reputation of being amongst the most trustworthy and best medical care providers.

  • Address: Hospital Rd, City’s Prime Health Care Area, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001
  • Timing: 8AM – 9PM (Mon-Sat), 8AM – 2PM (Sunday) 
  • Contact: 0294 242 1639

The medical sectors are developing and growing rapidly in this country, and the ratio of recovering patients is increasing day by day, diagnostic centers play an important role in this, it helps in the identification of diseases and curing them before it could cause any serious damage. Thus, diagnostic centers are key to the future of medical treatment.

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