Is there any Nightlife in Udaipur?

Hello folks! Well, you all know the exact answer to the above asked question, but yet to find a soothing answer for a change, you’ve clicked this link.

We’ve all seen Udaipur City evolve in the past few years; from getting our first ever mall: Celebration Mall, to being blessed with the upcoming largest mall of Rajasthan: Urban Square.

From chilling with friends at Fateh Sagar Lake: to selecting a new themed café/lounge for a much peppy hangout.

From watching new movies at Paras and Chetak movie theaters to choosing from several movie options available at the multiplexes (PVR & Inox).

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There are various bars and lounges in Udaipur like Aqua Lounge, BRC, Hooks n Irons and a lot more appropriate for a weekend binge.

But ALAS! The above bars/lounges remain open only till 12:00 am.

Because of that, the young blood usually chooses to go on a highway drive on their nightouts.

Therefore, an ideal night-out in Udaipur City cannot be spent in a lit night club but can be even better by chilling out with friends at scenic locations or taking a sleep break until the clock strikes 4:00am and rush to Udiapole for having a plate of the most mouth-watering Poha.

Is there any Nightlife in Udaipur?

Nightlife In Udaipur

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After reading the above statements, we surely have an answer to the ultimate question, “Does Udaipur have a night life?”

The answer is a big NO! One can chill in the lounges in Udaipur till midnight, but after that you’ll not be able to acquire the metro night life fun in the City of Lakes.

But isn’t it the right time to ask few questions about this topic?

Should the to-be smart city Udaipur have a night life like other metro cities? Or it would ruin the culture and new generation? What do you think?

Let us know your views in the comment section below.

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