12 Best Places to Eat Street Food in Udaipur

In the article below, we’ve mentioned the kiosks/stalls that serve the best street food in Udaipur.

Food has always been an essential part of our lives; food bloggers/lovers pay thousands of bucks at lavish restaurants to fulfill their cravings for appetizing food. No matter how much money you spend on the over-priced dishes at restaurants, you’ll never be as satisfied as cherishing the cheap yet mouth-watering street food at the stalls/kiosks. Udaipur has a range of food counters across the city serving various cuisines at low prices. My Udaipur City team tasted their dishes and has jotted down the famous street food in Udaipur below.

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Best Street Food in Udaipur


12 Best Places to Eat Street Food in Udaipur

Kamlesh Tea Stall (Pandit Ji Bread Pakode Vala)

Kamlesh Tea Stall (Pandit Ji Bread Pakode Vala) Udaipur

This stall has been serving the best Bread Pakodas in Udaipur from 25 years, at a reasonable price of Rs10 per bread pakoda. These Bread Pakodas can be consumed with Chai (Tea) till night, mostly all the Udaipurites drool over the thought of having Kamlesh Tea Stall’s Bread Pakoda at Fateh Sagar.

Location: One can easily spot Kamlesh Tea Stall at Fateh Sagar Road near Moti Magri Gate.


Chaifeteria Udaipur

A modern Chai Ki Thadi that serves 16 varieties of Chai (Tea) accompanied with noodles, sandwiches, buns and Free Wifi. This Kiosk is run by few educated young boys of Udaipur, who love spreading their love for Chai to Udaipurites. We suggest you to try Butter Cheese Maggi & Chocolate Nutella Bun for relishing your taste-buds and Hari Mirch Chai Shot & Irani Chai for the chai-lovers.


  • Hitawala Complex – IInd, 1/A, Saheli Marg, Opposite Soni Hospital, Panchwati
  • Ashoknagar Main Road
  • Madhuban

Manoj Praksh Daal Poodi and Daal Baati Center

Manoj Praksh Daal Poodi and Daal Baati Center Udaipur

An authentic Rajasthani dish Daal Baati/Poodi is also available at a food stall on the streets of Udaipur. My Udaipur City would like to declare it as the best Daal Poodi our team has ever had till date in Rajasthan. At a sum of Rs30 this counter offers a bowl of Daal with 6-7 poodis and free onions and lemon.

Location: The Stall can be spotted on the way to Lake Palace Road, adjacent to Gulab Bagh boundary.

Pokahara Chinese

Pokahara Chinese Udaipur

For some Spicy Fried Momos we recommend you Pokahara Chinese stall, you can also try other Chinese dishes offered by this corner like Spring Rolls, Paneer Chilli, Manchurian, Noodles etc. This Food Center is available only at evening each day, it gets crowded after 6pm with Udaipurites mostly aspiring a plate of Veg Momos.

Location: Near Honda Showroom, Delhi Gate Scheme

Pandit Pav Bhaji

Pandit Pav Bhaji Udaipur

Pandit Pav Bhaji is one of the most famous kiosks for street food in Udaipur that serves lip-smacking Pav Bhaji at nominal rates. This food corner also offers Desi Sandwich, Chow mien and Rice; but we recommend you to try this road-side famous Pav Bhaji once as later you’ll be seen recommending other people this place.

Location: In front of Town Hall main gate, there will be two stalls named as ‘Pandit Pav Bhaji’ in the group of other kiosks, tastes of both the food stalls are almost same.

Shanker Vada Pav Dabeli

Shanker Vada Pav Dabeli Udaipur

A taste of Mumbai’s street food can be cherished at Shankar Vada Pav Dabeli! You must try Shanker Ji’s Dabeli for a desi + healthy version of burgers. This Food Kiosk offers Dabeli and Vada Pav each at Rs20 and a simple Vada (Aloo Bada) at Rs10.

Location: Hitawala Complex – IInd, 1/A, Saheli Marg, Opposite Soni Hospital, Panchwati

Sindhi Falooda

Sindhi Falooda Udaipur

The Sindhi Falooda is extremely famous in Udaipur locals as who can resist a bowl of chilled appetizing Falooda at just Rs40! This kiosk is only available in the summer season at evening time, we suggest you to grab a bowl of your Falooda before 8pm as because of the high-demand all the Faloodas are mostly sold-out after that. You can also try the home-made ice-cream used as an ingredient in Falooda; the Kesar flavor will definitely dance on your tongues for a long time.

Location: On Accessing Ashok Nagar main road to Shastri Circle, keep an eye on the left side of the road; you can easily spot a crowded blue kiosk in the summer evenings.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels Udaipur

A food truck that serves finger-licking Chinese Food, My Udaipur City’s recommendation: Fried Rice and Paneer Chilli. Also other Chinese dishes like Manchurian, Momos and noodles are available that can be tasted from Meals on Wheels.

Location: Residency road, Bhopalpura, Sardarpura, Near PC Jeweller

Jain Nashta Center

Jain Nashta Center Udaipur

Want to try some road-side yummy Poha? Visit Jain Nashta Center now! You can easily fill your tummies with a plate of Poha that costs only Rs10 each. Also you can grab samosa, kachori, tea, coffee, butter-milk and other breakfast items at Jain Nashta Center.

Location: Near Shastri Circle, opposite Shastri Circle Post Office.

Hot n Cool

Hot n Cool Udaipur

A new entry in the udaipur street food stalls; this Kiosk serves a variety of Noodles, Kebabs, Pastas, Pizzas, also the Chinese Cuisine including Momos, Paneer Chili, Manchurian, Fried Rice, Chow mien and drinks including Cold Coffee, Choco Nutty Shak, Mint/Lemon Ice Tea and Coke and Mango Floats. We recommend you to try Cheese Kebabs; these are appetizing soya kebabs with cheese filling and an exclusive dip.

Location: Gokul Tower, F Block, Sector-14, Goverdhan Villas Main Road

Jagdish Shree

Jagdish Shree Udaipur

In the heart of the city, this food corner serves delicious Samosas; near the Jagdish Temple this kiosk named Jagdish Shree is famous for their finger-licking samosa at just Rs10 without chutney and Rs15 with chutney. Even Foreigners cherish the taste of these Samosas, Jagdish Shree also Aloo bada, Kachori, Pohe, and Lassi.

Location: Jagish Chowk, opposite Jagdish Temple.

R.K. Fast Food

R.K. Fast Food Udaipur

Another Chinese Kiosk serving some mouth-watering Chinese Dishes, we suggest you to try Veg. Fried Momos at R.K. food stalls. Also White and Red Pastas are available at these kiosks that may not be the authentic Italian Pastas but are worth tasting.


  • Panchwati, New Fatehpura, Opposite Royal Motors
  • Bhopalpura Main Road
  • On the way to Shobhagpura from University Road

Pics Credit: Sonali Rajora

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  1. For best poha sukhadia ” poha wala”.
    For best badam milk shake and fruit shakes a hotel type kisok opposite biryani point near chetak circle
    For best butter panner mandala,lachha paratha or Tandoori roti “Biryani point” chetak circle
    For best Dosa,idly and wada “Madras Dosa stall” after crossing sevashram bridge and opp lane towards sector 4

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