10 Fascinating Places to Visit Near Udaipur

In this article we have listed some best places to visit near Udaipur.

Udaipur is surrounded by the range of oldest fold mountains – Aravalli hills; hence it has successfully captivated folks with its allure. There may be numerous thrilling places to visit in Udaipur but to add the ‘Nature’ quotient and try some new spots; we bring to you the following tourist places near Udaipur.

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10 Fascinating Places to Visit Near Udaipur

Ubeshwar Ji

Ubeshwar ji is the one of the best picnic spots; you must visit this exquisite place for river, landscapes, waterfalls and temple. Take a right from Rampura Circle; you’ll come across a signboard with an arrow pointing towards Ubeshwar, head on the panoramic valley you’ll reach your destination in 20-25 minutes.

Best season to visit: Monsoon (May – August)

Ubeshwar Ji Udaipur

Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara

All the Krishna deities must visit this pious shrine, an idol of Shrinath ji (another name of Lord Krishna) is worshiped in this temple; continuous prayers, bhajans and aartis are performed on daily basis. The temple is renowned for a huge diamond placed under the lip of the idol of Shrinath ji.

Shrinath ji Temple, Nathdwara

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Pipliya Ji

If you want to experience paradise, we suggest you to mark your presence at this scenic place once. To reach Pipliya Ji you need to head towards Ubeshwar Ji and take the road towards Dodawali Village from there, after 3 km the road will separate into 2; take a left towards Pipliya Ji.

Best time to visit: sunrise or sunset time in any season.

Pipliya Ji Udaipur

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Nandeshwar Ji

Another picnic spot, this place contains a temple and a pleasant river that starts flowing with the monsoon showers. The localities strive towards this beguiling location on the monsoon weekends to enjoy family-time. From Rampura Circle head straight to reach the destination.

Best season to visit: Monsoon (May – August).

Nandeshwar Ji Udaipur

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Haldi Ghati

The battle of Haldi Ghati was fought here between the army of Rajput idol Maharana Pratap and Mughal emperor Akbar. It is believed that the color of soil turned ‘Turmeric’ because of the bloody battle. You can visit the Maharana Pratap Museum and The Chetak Samadhi at Haldi Ghati.

Haldi Ghati

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Eklinji Temple

A 60 minute drive north from Udaipur will make you reach this divine temple; Lord Shiva is admired in the temple. This temple contains 108 temples within the premises, add this place in your list of ‘Places to visit near Udaipur’ to wangle bliss under Lord Shiva.

Eklinji Temple Udaipur

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Badi Lake

This lake comes under the major tourist attractions; it is 12 km away from Udaipur that offers calm atmosphere with a huge fresh water artificial Lake. The lakeside view is a delight for photography lovers.

Best time to visit: Sunrise or Sunset.

Badi Lake Udaipur

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Chandni Village

A 20 km drive towards south at NH8 will take you towards this breathtaking location; if you’re a camping fan, you must travel with all your camping essentials and head towards a sight that contains a river bank with alluring view that arrives in a 5 min drive after entering the village premises.

Best time to visit: Before sunset.

Chandani Village

Thoor ki Paal

Thoor is a village in Bargaon Tehsil, which holds another picnic location renowned as ‘Thoor ki paal’ amongst the Udaipur residents. Best time to visit the location is in monsoons when water stream starts flowing from the dam, it lies 11 km north from Udaipur.

Thoor ki Paal Udaipur

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Jaisamand Lake

Jaisamand Lake also known as Dhebar Lake must be added in this list of ‘Places to visit near Udaipur’ as it is the second-largest artificial lake. It consists of 11 islands, elephant statues, marble chattris (cenotaphs); various heritage resorts are situated for a comfortable accommodation. You should also visit the nearby wildlife sanctuary if you’re an animal lover. This lake is located at 45 km from the district headquarters (Udaipur), you can visit this place anytime and it will serve you with equal tranquility.

Jaisamand Lake Udaipur (Dhebar Lake)

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So let’s head towards less crowded sites near Udaipur and reap some new adventure!

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