Udai Sagar Lake Udaipur – The Salient Lake of City

Udaipur owes its beauty to lakes; the city has a treasure of five beautiful lakes. Famed for one of the five celebrated lake Udai Sagar is the most important part of the city. The lake comprises many qualities and has its own beauty which can be better explored by the real presence. With great charm, the lake has a great history and famous architectural background, so if planning to visit the place take a virtual journey to lake.

Udai Sagar Lake Udaipur

Dignified Antiquity

In 1559 Maharana Udai Singh started the construction of this lake which got completed in 1565. The lake was actually the result of a dam which took its start in 1559, Maharana constructed the dam on Berach river. The main motto of construction was to give an adequate amount of water supply to his kingdom.

There is also one interesting story from the past which relates this lake. In 1573 Maharana Pratap Singh was invited by Kunwar Man Singh on the banks of Udai Sagar lake to talk about the surrendering terms and condition to Mughal Emperor Akbar. The invitation was declined by Pratap Singh and he even though insulted Man Singh. This incident led to the battle of Haldighati in 1576. Later, Maharaja Raj Singh defeated the army of Emperor Aurangzeb near the embankment of this lake.

Geographical Statistics

The Udai Sagar lake is built on Berach river which is 13 Kms from the Udaipur city, and the lake is surrounded by the Aravali hill ranges. The length of the lake is 4 km, width is 2.5 km and depth is 9 meters. And the damn at Udai Sagar lake drains about 479 sq km and covers an area of 10.5 sq km. It has a storage capacity of 23.4 milli cubic meter. To manage the overflowing lake during the times of monsoons one channel has been made connected to Berach River. Nowadays the water of this lake is used by nearby Zinc Smelter and this lake has usually plenty amount of water with the exception of lean years.

Udai Sagar Lake Udaipur

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The Captivating Beauty That Can Be Explored

The location of lake is at the foothills of Aravali Hills, which accepts the larger part of runoff water from rains. A beautiful lush greenery of the Aravali Mountains makes the lake pleasant scenery. The lake has serene water, calm, charming and peaceful ambiance, where you can enjoy a happy time with your friends or family. However, the lake is not surrounded by marble temples but you can go for a beautiful boat ride.

Its pretty architecture is worth viewing. You can hang out here with your family or your friends and can spend a long peaceful and refreshing time here. The lake is not far from the city so you can come here by cab or can also use local conveyance. This place has a captivating charm which will sooth your eyes and will make you feel calm. And if you are here with your kids then a boat ride is must thing to do.

Udai Sagar Lake Udaipur

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Best Weather to Hit The Lake

Although you can visit in any weather, as the beauty of the Udai Sagar lake remains same in all the season. But every weather has its own significance. When you are planning to arrive in between September to March, the charm of the lake is at its peak. The temperature at this time varies between 28 degrees Celsius to 11 degree Celsius. So you will not feel hot and can also visit the lake in the daytime to enjoy the warmth of sun near water.

If you are planning to visit in summers, you don’t have to worry about the hotness. You can visit the lake in the evening time and could feel the cool breeze near the lake and can spend a charming evening time there. Monsoons are also a very good weather when you are planning a trip to Udaipur.

In Monsoons the beauty of the lakes and surroundings increases, you will view a green surrounding everywhere. The hill around the lake will look more gazing and pleasant. Also if there is a light rain is occurring then you must visit the lake at that time and can enjoy the monsoon of the city.

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