Menal Waterfall – A White Sparkling Blanket Amidst Nature

In this article you’ll be provided necessary information about the majestic Menal waterfall.

Menal Waterfall

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Menal Waterfall

About & Location

  • Menal waterfall is a 150 feet natural waterfall situated in the Menal Village of Rajasthan.
  • The Menal village is located at a distance of 70kms from Chittorgarh and can be reached by taking the Udaipur-Kota Highway.
  • It takes around 4 hours to reach Menal Waterfall from Udaipur by road as it is situated at a distance of 196.5km.

Creative Description of Mighty Menal Waterfall

‘Sparkling white blanket nestled in the lush green bed of nature!’

Well there are no more words to describe the beauty of Menal Waterfalls, one has to visit the site to get stunned and capture its shine in their eyes.

A Heavenly Package

  • Menal Waterfall is considered to a complete package for a day trip or a casual picnic as to reach this nature’s wonder one has to dive into the architecturally rich temples dated back in the 11th

Menal Temple

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  • Saint Bhavbrahma under the rule of Prithviraj Singh II built these temples in 1169 AD. It is believed the ruler used to spend his summer days at this location for relieving himself from the sun.
  • One has to walk a few steps towards the waterfall sight, for which he/she first can visit the temples that are an absolute bonus, with their carved walls and historical architecture.
  • Another few steps through the lane of temples and you will then have to walk through a small door to have a brief view of the Menal Waterfall.
  • This is the closest location from where you can acquire an aerial view of the Mighty Menal Falls.
  • For safety purpose there is a tall see through boundary installed at that location because of some past incidents.
  • There is also a slippery staircase down that leads to the water, here people are seen taking a dip and enjoying in the waters. (Kindly keep your safety in mind while indulging in any fun activities.)

Additional Information

  • There are a few shops that serve snacks and tea near the premises.
  • One should make sure they’re wearing a comfortable pair of shoes.
  • The waterfall can also be gazed from the nearby resort named as Menal Resort, this can also be a perfect location for having a meal with your spouse, family, or friends.
  • Another site from where the Menal Waterfalls can be adored is the Forest Department Station, where there is also a sitting area to relax.
  • One must carry raincoats and umbrellas during Monsoon season to this place as it rains quite often at the site.

Preferred way of Transport

We suggest you to hire a cab or rent a car so that you don’t have to change buses in order to reach the location.

Use Google Maps for apt directions, it’s better to hire a driver who’s aware of the path.

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