Best Time to Visit Udaipur

In this article we’ve made a compilation of best time and season to visit Udaipur.

We’ve received numerous queries of tourists asking us the best time to visit Udaipur, hence we’ve jotted down the compilation of all the three seasons in Udaipur and have mentioned all the details one keep in mind before visiting Udaipur in each season.

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City Palace Udaipur Night View

Best Time to Visit Udaipur

The Not So Cool: Summers

  • Summers last from March till June month in Udaipur.
  • The temperature varies from 23 degree Celsius to 44 degree Celsius during this period.
  • Though the hotel fares are decreased because of the Off Season, you can book a room in its half price.
  • Summers turn out to be extremely dry during March and April months, later in May, June and July the humidity level increases.
  • If you plan to visit Udaipur in the summer season, don’t forget to carry caps, scarfs, cotton clothes and sunscreen lotion.
  • Also stay hydrated, intake a lot of water and coolers to keep you cool.
  • Try stepping out of the hotels after the sunset as the breeze cools down by that time, but the fort and palace timings might not match the evening outings.
  • You may be a fitness freak, but avoid walking to various locations as the high temperature can sweep off all the energy.
  • Tip: You can go for a swim at any of the Ghats to beat the heat of Udaipur.

Boy Swimming at Ambrai Ghat Udaipur

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Humid yet Tender: Monsoons

  • The Monsoon season officially arrives in the month of July and stays till September.
  • Approximately the city is blessed with approximately 637mm of annual rainfall.
  • The temperature lowers down than the summer season, but the monsoon leaves the city pretty humid.
  • The hotel fares are almost same as the summer season as mostly less tourists visit Udaipur at this time of the month like summers.
  • It can be risk game to visit Udaipur in Monsoons, because there are days with little rains like drizzling, which may not interfere in exploring Udaipur, and end up making the weather soothing and enjoyable. But on the other hand, there may be days with heavy rainfalls, that might keep you packed in the hotel rooms for the rest of the day.
  • If you’re blessed enough, you can have the most maleficent trip to Udaipur in the monsoon season, and you can have a glimpse of several breath-taking views.
  • We suggest you to carry extra clothing and comfortable monsoon friendly footwear in the monsoon season; also don’t forget to bring water-proof makeup. **wink**

Udaipur Monsoon

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The Soothing Treat: Winters

  • Winters in Udaipur stays from October to February month.
  • The Temperature is quite pleasant and varies from 5 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius.
  • As it is an On Season for tourist visits in Udaipur, the hotel fares are quite high because of the increasing number of tourists in Udaipur.
  • If you plan to explore Udaipur in the months of October, November, February; there’s no need to carry any winter wear, the nights may be quite chilly though so you can pack 1-2 thermals for safety.
  • But if you plan to visit Udaipur in December and January, you must pack some winter wear as the downfall of the temperature can bother.
  • Winter season is the best time to visit Udaipur as one can easily explore each and every fort and palace and other places at day time as well without any sweating and dehydration.
  • Also if you’re planning your honeymoon in Udaipur during the winter season, we’d like to appreciate your decision as Udaipur has a lot to offer to the romantic couples, we assure you it will be treat for you in Udaipur.

Sunset at Pichola Lake Udaipur

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