Golden Park Udaipur

Rajasthan’s sun is referred as the Golden Ball, the golden sunrays direct reflect upon the Golden Park situated near the banks of Pichola Lake lightening the yellow flowers spread across the park making it shine like gold.

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Golden Park Udaipur


  • The Golden Park was inaugurated on 23rd December 2017 by Home Minister Shree Gulab Chand Kataria.
  • The Golden Park was a part of the development near Pichola Banks that included Jungle Safari, Pratap Park, and the Golden Park.


  • The Golden Park is spread across 2 hectares of land, with a budget of 46 lakh.
  • It has been designed to provide a brief view of the Jagmandir Island Palace and Taj Lake Palace situated between the waters of Pichola Lake.
  • The Golden Gark is a theme-based project which carries the theme of a Mini Jungle, to attract tourists, mesmerize kids, and spread awareness to save forest.
  • As mentioned before, it is covered with a bed of yellow flowers across the garden, that sparkle up when the sun rays directly shine upon the Golden Park.
  • It also contains a Selfie Zone, for the teenagers and youth, this has now become a smart move to provide attraction along with mileage to any location.
  • There are also several herbal plants in the park, each bearing a board of knowledge about them.
  • The Golden Park has also been equipped with various sculptures of animals like tiger and python, also a small bridge has been made to make the park look like a mini jungle.

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  • As the park is situated near the banks of Pichola, the security measures have been kept in mind by installing high wire fencing, as the target mass visiting the park will be children.
  • There are proper seating arrangements also available which are quite decorated as they are carved in various shaped like the music instrument Tabla.

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  • As the garden is stacked with herbal plants, and the natural ambience makes it a great point for having a walk by the lake.
  • One can sit by the lake in the Golden Park and have a pleasurable bird watching experience, one can easily spot rare bird species quenching their thirst by the lake.
  • Sculptors of Dinosaurs have now been installed in the Golden Park in the second phase of development.

Additional Information

  • We suggest you to visit the Golden Park before the sunset, as at night the park tends to lose its essence.
  • You could have a family picnic in the park, but don’t forget to carry your refreshments along with you including drinking water, as there are no nearby shops available.
  • We request you to maintain the cleanliness of the park by throwing trash in the nearest bin.
  • Also kindly do not pluck the herbal plants or flowers for entertainment.
  • One has to pay Rs20 per head as an entry ticket to the Golden Park.

How to reach Golden Park?

  • You can book an Ola or get a taxi that can directly take to the destination via Pichola Lake, if the cab driver doesn’t know the location of the Golden Park then you can mention him that it is near Pratap Park.
  • The location is accurate on the Google Maps as well, or you can reach Pichola Lake and ask the locals around you, they might not know the Golden Park, here you can drop names of Pratap Park and Jungle Safari.

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