Moti Magri Udaipur – The Pearl Hill

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The Indian soil sing the tales of audacious heroes who strived hard to protect the nation, their blood deftly diluted in the ground and only souvenirs of their bravery were left that were turned into memorials!

One of the memorials built to salute the dauntless Rajputana Hero Maharana Pratap stands stock-still at the Pearl Hill on his own land Mewar. Udaipur was addressed as Mewar in the ancient time, which was a vital part of the Rajput dynasty. Situated on the top of a hill, the location is the best place for enjoying sunset and reciting the tales of Maharana Pratap and his valiant horse Chetak.

Below are some key notes about the venue.

Moti Magri Udaipur

The Bravery Tale of Maharana Pratap

  • In 1576 the battle of Haldi Ghati was fought between the Mughal Emperor Akbar and Rajput king Maharana Pratap, when the Akbar decided to invade the Rajput dynasty.
  • Akbar army included 2,00,000 soldiers that outnumbered the 22,000 soldiers of Maharana Pratap’s army.
  • In spite of the compact army Maharana Pratap fought true, he stood to his principles and chose to fight fair when getting a chance to easily execute the Mughal army general Raja Man Singh on his jungle hunting session.
  • The soil of Haldi Ghati turned red due to the blood spilled from the soldier’s bodies. If you plan to visit Haldi Ghati, don’t forget to notice the red-soil.

Maharana Pratap

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The Loyality Tale of Chetak

  • In the battle of Haldi Ghati, the ride of Maharana Pratap was his beloved horse Chetak.
  • The Mughal army general Raja Man Singh was seated on an elephant, it was difficult for Pratap to reach him; when Chetak jumped and rested the front legs on the elephant’s trunk, tearing it apart. Pratap then launched his laced sword towards the elephant rider and executed him.
  • When Chetak’s leg landed on the elephant’s trunk, it crippled on of his legs.
  • Despite of the injury, when Chetak realized that his master is wounded and needed to be rescued from the battle, he ran towards a safe place with Pratap on his back, he also jumped a water stream with his crippled leg.
  • After crossing the stream, he fell on the ground, and died on the spot.
  • Maharana Pratap built a memorial on the same spot as a tribute to his loyal mate.

Maharana Pratap and Chetak

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The Composition of Moti Magri

  • Situated on top of a hill, near the Fateh Sagar Lake, the place offers a full bird-view of the Aravalli range and the alluring Lake.
  • A huge 11 feet high bronze statue weighing 7 tonnes of Maharana Pratap riding his horse Chetak rests in the middle of the garden.

Moti Magri Maharana Pratap Statue

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  • Along-side the memorial is a Japanese rock garden that interest tourists.

Japanese rock garden Moti MagriImage Source

  • There is also a Moti Magri Museum on the hill that displays various portraits including Rani Padmavati and Meera Bai; there are also some models that display the Haldi Ghati battle and Chittorgarh Fort.
  • Each evening a Light and Sound show is also held at Moti Magri.

Evening Light and Sound show Moti Magri

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Additional Information

  • Timings – 9am to 6pm
  • Entry fees for adults is 20 rupees and for children is 10 rupees.
  • Light and Sound Show timings in winter is 7:30 pm and in summer is 8:15 pm.
  • Entry fee for the Light and Sound Show is 35 rupees for both adults and children.
  • Photography is allowed in the premises; hence don’t forget to carry your cameras.
  • Also wear comfortable footwear if you plan to trek to the top of the hill.

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Tell us your experiences on your trip to Moti Magri in the comment section below; also do not miss the sunset scene from the location where you can watch the golden beam emerging in the Fateh Sagar Lake.

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