Light and Sound Show Udaipur – Experience the Royalty of Mewar

Udaipur! What comes to your mind when you first think about this place?

For sure, you might think as “the city of lakes,” high monsoons, dazzling greenery, panoramic views, Rajasthani culture, ethnic styles, authentic food, royalty, and highness everywhere, right.

But Udaipur is much more than anybody can think!

Besides, it’s one of the fascinating attractions for tourists around the globe; there are some hidden facts and exciting things about Udaipur. One of them is “Light and Sound Show Udaipur.”

You might be hearing this for the first time, but the Light and Sound Show in Udaipur, the most admiring events that seek your attention if once you see it. You will be amazed and hilarious with your mouth wide open, and your eyes would knock out as the shuttle balls whispering – “OMG! What a beauty!”

No, It’s damn right!

Watch out this video of Light and Sound Show Udaipur

Mewar Light and Sound Show Udaipur – The Legacy of Honor

If you are keen and interested in the history of Udaipur (Mewar region) and its heritage, nothing could be as perfect as having a glimpse of the Light and Sound Show held at City Palace in Udaipur.

The show is a hi-tech extravaganza and is conducted every evening as a non-governmental light and sound show for domestic as well as foreign visitors. It is organized at the magnificent Manek Chowk inside the City Palace of Udaipur to reimagine the history and taste of Mewar.

Present superintendent, Shree Arvind Singh Mewar, welcomes guests at the start episode – Son et Lumiere to host the evening. There are consecutive 12 episodes in the show traversing about an hour to bring alive the memories of the Mewar dynasty and establishment of the Udaipur region in the 16th century, as well.

Son et Lumiere is thus a journey through the glorious history of Mewar, a celebrated chapter in the history of India.

The show is hosted in both English and Hindi languages at different intervals of time. In Hindi, it is titled as “Yash ki Darohar,” which is scripted by in-house official court-poet Pandit Narendra Mishra that embarks the poetic compositions as the richness in the Hindi language.

“The Legacy of Honor” in English maintains the same dramatic, poetic compositions adding the flavor of Mewar and its history.

Light and Sound Show Timings

Show in Hindi:
8 pm to 9 pm (May to August)

Show in English:
7 pm to 8 pm (September to March), 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm (April)

Entry Fees

S.No Particulars Price (INR)
1 Yash Ki Darohar ( Hindi) ( May to August) (8 pm to 9 pm)
1.1 Hathnal Ki Chandani – Adult 300/-
1.2 Hathnal Ki Chandani – Child 200/-
1.3 Manak Chowk – Adult 200/-
1.4 Manak Chowk – Child 150/-
2 The Legacy of Honor (English) (Sept to March) (April 7:30 to 8:30 pm)
2.1 Hathnal Ki Chandani – Adult 550/-
2.2 Hathnal Ki Chandani – Child 250/-
2.3 Manak Chowk – Adult 350/-
2.4 Manak Chowk – Child 200/-

If you have any other queries related to the Light and Sound Show Udaipur, including tickets, timings, episodes, let us know in the comment box below.

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  2. Hello,
    I want to discuss regarding the light & sound Show in Udaipur. Can i get the name and number? Mail id and number is given below.

  3. What a horrible show.. Few years ago entire show was depicted on wall of palace through a video but now in year 2022 only through light and sound. Very boring .
    Wastage of money.

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