Bagheri Ka Naka Udaipur

Nearly 50 kms away from Udaipur there is yet another beautiful picnic spot named after the village Bagheri. Bagheri ka Naka or Bagheri Dam has become one of the favorite places for people to visit during monsoon. This place is flooded with people during weekends, which is quite obvious because of its striking beauty. Perfect place for a small getaway with friends or family.

Bagheri Ka Naka Udaipur

Just take proper refreshments and snacks along as you won’t find alot of shops or any fancy restaurant on the way.

Be very cautious while you step in the water, the base may be slippery which might cause you to fall, also some brittle stone or glass pieces might hurt you real bad so just don’t be barefoot.

If you have kids along, make sure that they don’t enter the area with deep water and even adults should be watchful during the time the dam overflows.

If you have developed an interest in Photography, don’t forget to take camera along as you might capture some amazingly beautiful stills.

How to Reach Bagheri Ka Naka Dam?

If you are traveling via car from Nathdwara road and your destination is Bagheri ka Naka Dam, then it would take approximately 49 mins for you to reach your destination.The road distance or driving distance between Nathdwara and Bagheri Ka Naka Dam is 28.995 km.

Best Time to Visit

The best time or the most suitable time to visit Bagheri ka Naka Udaipur is during mid-monsoon, the dam overflows and that just doubles the beauty of this place. Having said that, the place is really crowded during that time. So incase you’re not much of a people’s person, avoid weekends.

You can watch below video to get quick overview of the place.

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