GOOD NEWS!! No Internet Ban from now in Udaipur for Exam Reasons

Udaipurites have now adapted the Internet Ban on random weekends because of the government exams that are organized across Udaipur; or to be quoted clearly, “To stop the candidates appearing in the Government Exams from cheating.”

It surely affects various industries in the city including the I.T. companies, education institutes, digital marketing platforms and several others.

Inspite of several complains by the locals, there were regular internet bans from morning till evening.

Now that Udaipur is succeeding towards its road to become a ‘Smart City’, and with the establishment of reputed firms in the city like Swiggy, Ola Cabs, Uber, Uber Eats. It became extremely tough for the residents to book a cab without any hassle, or order from their favorite joints in no time.

Also the online banking transactions and stock market in the city, suffered highly due to these regular internet bans to prevent cheating in examinations.

But all the vain shall now disappear!!!

And now after all those pathetic days of no internet, we’ve finally received much relieving news.



There will be no Internet Bans from now in Udaipur because of the Government Examinations.


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According to a letter issued by the Rajasthan Government, the authorities of the city cannot ban internet for apparently preventing cheating in the government examinations that will be held across the city.

Here’s the letter by the Rajasthan government issued on 22nd October 2018.


Can feel the happy tears gushing out?

It is surely a happy day for all the residents of Udaipur!

What are your views on the big news revealed above?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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