Was the 2 Days Internet Ban Necessary in Udaipur?

Udaipur Headlines: “2 Days Internet Ban in Udaipur because of Govt. Exams!” this made several individuals of Udaipur extremely disappointed, as we’ve been experiencing Internet Ban quite often now in the Lakecity.

We all are well versed about the fact that Internet Ban has now become a new thing in Udaipur, with continuous Internet Bans in Udaipur, the locals have now kind of made their peace with the news of another Internet ban in the city, it surely disappoints them but now we’ve been used to it.

Disclaimer: My Udaipur City in no way means to oppose the Internet Ban in Udaipur. We’re receiving several point of views of people on the Internet Ban, therefore we decided to accumulate each of them and present it via this blog.

Was the 2 Day Internet Ban Necessary in Udaipur

Why is there an Internet Ban on 14th and 15th July?

For the people who still are not aware of the reasons for the Internet Ban, we’d like to convey that the reason is: Rajasthan Police Constable Entrance exams! To avoid cheating in the exams this step is taken.

In each slot more than 14000 candidates are appearing in the exams, in 24 different centers around the city. They initially were going to install jammers in all the centers but that was not possible for them, therefore they decided to ban Internet all over Udaipur.

News Source: Dainik Bhaskar

But our question is:

“Is the Internet Ban on 14th & 15th July in Udaipur Necessary?”

  • In the high-tech I.T. dependent era we’ve been trained to process almost each task whether professional or any daily basic requirement via Internet. The 2 days Internet ban affects several crucial business activities resulting in delay of project submission and sometimes even monetary loss.
  • According to the statement issued by SP Rajendra Prasad Goyal, he claims that they tried to ban internet services in the specific exam centers but because there were 24 centers in Udaipur, they were unable to do so.
    But why should all of the regions in Udaipur pay because of that?

Udaipur is apparently on the road to become a Smart City but will it happen with the regular Internet Bans in the city?

We’d love to hear your point of views on the Internet Ban on 14th & 15th July in Udaipur in the comment section below.

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  1. Its a decision which seems to taken by a foolish person…
    Wo ek kahaani yaad aa rhi hai ek baar ek bewakoof insaan ek dabbe se aata nikaalne ko haath daalta hai….orr mutthi bhar k aata nikalne lagta hai to…uska hath dabbe k andar fans jaata hai..
    To log suggest karte hain k haath kaat dena chaahiye..
    Ya kuch log suggest karte hain dabba hi kaat dete hain..

    Ye kahaani v bilkul udaipur k decision maker pe suit karta hai.

    Wo aate k davbe me agar muthhi khol deta to v haath baahar nikal jaata..
    Usi tarak local area network jammer naam ki v device hai…koii bataao..us insaan ko.

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