Badi Lake Udaipur

Here you will know about badi lake udaipur.

Lakes are the lifeline of Udaipur City. Brimming steel blue water, splashing the feet of raised green hills, is something really magical and amazing. The same gushy feeling can be experienced near Udaipur city, and the place where you can feel this is named as Badi Lake and also known as Jiyan Sagar. This is the place which you can opt when you want to take a break from your daily routine. The place will not only reprieve you from your monotonous life but will also instil a feeling of zest in your soul. Wanted to know how and why then take an optical view…

Badi Lake Udaipur

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Badi Lake Udaipur

Little History

The beautiful lake was built by Maharana Raj Singh I (1652-1680) to counterbalance the devastating effect of a drought. The name of this lake was named as Jiyan Sagar after his mother Jana Devi. During the drought of 1973, the lake supplied water to the people of Udaipur. The lake helps the people of city in their tough time and served them great, also later on the water was used for many commercial purposes also. The lake was built in Badi Village.

“Look Deep Into the nature and then you will understand everything Better – Albert Einstein”

The Beauty of Lake

Badi lake or Jiyan Sagar has situated about 12 Km from the city. The lake covers an area of 155 Km2 and has an embankment 180 m long and 18 m Wide. The embankment is graced by three artistic chhatris (kiosks or Pavillions). The lake is popularly known as Badi ka Talab among the localities.

Badi Lake is one of the finest fresh water lakes in India, and it is among the major tourist attractions. The atmosphere comprises calmness and tranquillity and also which makes the viewer mesmerise by its captivating scenery. The place has beautiful flora and fauna which makes you feel connected directly to the nature. You can sit near the shore for hours and can adulate the charm of lakes.

“Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift – Albert Einstein”

Badi Lake Udaipur

Things to Do

You can make your soul refresh here. If you are here for a honeymoon then spend a cozy and romantic time with your spouse here. Walk hands in hand with your partner near the embankment, click memories and enjoy sunset view here. If you are here with your kids then make them meet with nature. Help them in exploring the scenic beauty of lake. The special tourist attraction of that place is the artistic kiosks which had beautiful engraving from old era and gives a glance of old historic architecture.

How to Reach

If you are staying in mid of the city then you can simply book your cab and co directly as it is only 12 km away. Also if you want to feel the beauty very closely then you can hire a bicycle and paddle down there. Also, there are many hotels nearby the lake so while booking a hotel you can opt to stay there also and can walk through the lake for viewing.

Best Time to Visit

Every whether has its own advantage, so the choice is all yours which you want to take. Visiting in summers then the best time to view the lake is sunset time, there you can feel the sunset and also as the sun sets down the temperature will also fall and then you can enjoy the cool breeze.

Visiting in winter, then do visit in the day time and enjoy the warmth of sunlight near the water. Sit there on the shore and take a warm sunbath with your friends or family.

Badi Lake Udaipur

Monsoons are the best time which one should not miss. The beauty of the place gets doubled in this weather. The hills, the greenery around the lake will make you feel alive and refresh. Also, you can enjoy a bike ride to the lake with your partner when there is light raining. This ride will be an amazing ride of your lifetime and you cherish it forever.

“To sit in the shade on a fine day & look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment – Jane Austin”

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