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In 2016, a thoughtful initiative was taken by the Rajasthan tourism under the government of CM Vasundhara Raje of clearing all the myths about Rajasthan and reflecting the grandeur of the state via several videos portraying the real Rajasthan.

With the Rajasthan Tourism advertisement series they also unveiled the new logo of Rajasthan tourism with a catchy tagline: “Jane Kya Dikh Jaye”, which means “You never know what you’ll see here”.

Rajasthan Tourism Song - Mp3 Download - Lyrics - Ringtone

Rajasthan Tourism Song Mp3 Download

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About the Advertisement

There were several short clips circulated all around the world, each clip showcased the golden state with the eyes of various travellers:

  • A bunch of travellers stuck in a desert that were offered helped by the locals riding a long bike named Jugaad Bike that apparently managed to give lift to all the 4 tourists.
  • Rajasthan through the eyes of a little girl named Meera that included a brief aerial view of the forts and palaces through a hot air balloon ride.
  • Another ad depicted the great wall of Kumbhalgarh fort surrounded by the Aravalli Mountain, the wall of Kumbhalgarh fort is considered to be the second longest wall of the world after the Great Wall of China.
  • Busting the myths of the unnatural experiences in the state, this ad portrays 2 travellers freaking out in a secluded fort from apparently 2 lady ghosts that turn out to be other travellers from Delhi exploring the fort at night.
  • A cycling expedition lead by a local dressed as Lord Krishna, who led the tourists to a splendid over the top location in Kota.

Rajasthan Tourism Song Lyrics

In each ad a Rajasthani jingle is played as the Background sound track, which was much cherish all over that includes some authentic Rajasthani words expressing the beauty of the land of Rajasthan.

The lyrics of the jingle are stated below:

“Maati baandhe painjanee,

 Bangdi pehne baadli,

Dedo dedo baavdo,

Ghod-mathod baavdi…”


The land is wearing anklets,

The sky is wearing bangles,

The clouds in a happy frenzy have taken different shapes,

The beautiful revolving and rotund earth..

Rajasthan Tourism Ad Video

The Rajasthan tourism ad was surely a super hit which raised the tourism count in the state from 35 million to 50 million by 2018, which must be credited to the idea of the tourism ads.

Here’s a compilation of several Rajasthan tourism ads from Youtube:

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