Swaraag Infusion With The Destination Hub Udaipur

The first thought that comes to one’s mind when they think about Udaipur is not the hot sands and the forts, but it is the calm feeling of being at home. In the hot temperature of Rajasthan, Udaipur is the one place where anyone can actually be at peace. It is like finding water in the middle of the desert, or calm in the middle of chaos, and certainly, with Swaraag in its veins, it is the most welcoming city to ever exist.

Be it the people or the vibrant culture, Udaipur offers it all. The streets, wide and welcoming, are like the constellations, and each turn reveals an even more marvellous and majestic site. Formerly the capital of the Mewar kingdom, there still exists an aura that strikes close to royalty while at the same time reflecting the bravery and the humility of it’s people standing the test of time. Swaraag does exactly the same with it’s lively music. The lyrics and the symphony brought in by this band have the wizardly touch that has healed every listener’s soul.

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

As one meanders down the road from City Palace to Lake Pichola, he can only stop dead in his tracks and marvel at the wonder of this city. And, if you choose to travel further north, to the beautiful Sajjangarh you are in for a visual treat. It is a magical place where the nature speaks to you. Close your eyes when you are at the top and you will know what we are talking about. There seems to be a certain kind of music in the air, rushing its way to your ear drums and striking with precision, and when Swaraag plays, each chord will make your senses tingle.

Music is the one thing without which your Udaipur experience is absolutely incomplete. When in Udaipur, make sure you make the best of all the rich beats the city has to offer. Be it the authentic Rajasthani or Sufi, or better yet, an amalgamation of both, you cannot afford to miss this life altering experience. And if you are looking forward to having the best ever musical experience in the city, Swaraag is your one stop destination.

Over the years, This City Of Lakes has gained footing as a major tourist attraction and Swaraag has never failed to deliver anything less than perfect. Be it a royal wedding or a corporate event, this folk rock and sufi fusion band has given tons of sweet memories to their audience to reminisce.

It was only last year when Swaraag created a major hit evening, in the city at the famous Udaipur Lantern Festival, attended by crowds of more than five thousand people, their show was the talk of the city even months after their enchanting performance. They shared the stage with another youth sensation of our nation, Papon, and right after the sound check, the people knew that they were in for an unforgettable night.

Swaraag 1

Swaraag Team During Sound check in ULF 2017

Kickstarting the evening with “Padharo Mhare Desh” Swaraag knew that they had captivated the hearts of the audience already. As the night progressed and this band performed, “Sanu Ek Pal Chain na Aawe”, the crowd hooting and cheering grew so much more. Swaraag’s rendition of the song moved everyone in the crowd. The couples held hands and were swaying softly to the melodious night’s gifts. They now owe a box full of their sweetest memories to the band. As people watched the sky light up with lanterns, Swaraag finally performed the Sufi hit,”Mere Rashke Qamar” to drive the event to a magical close. Foreigners, Indian Tourists and the locals, irrespective of their language, felt the beautiful language of music and its love flowing through their blood that night.

Owing to its growing urban nature, Udaipur is the home destination for so many corporates who know that the right way to go about taking a real night of fun is always planning it in this Venice Of The East. The grandeur of this city is impossible to forget and hence corporates who once have their event in the city are sure to keep coming back and Swaraag happens to mix this opportunity and grandeur with their empathetic music in such a way, that the true mix of love and everything cosmic about this city plays out in a way that it is impossible to express this beauty in just a string a words.

Swaraag - An indo western fusion band

Photo Credit : Kuldeep Singh (Boy out of Bombay)

Be it performing for ICICI Lombard in the city palace or for Raymond at The Lalit, Swaraag delivered music that appealed to the soul of the viewers. While some could not stop cheering others could only smilingly wiped the tears of joy, feeling a range of emotions that the band evoked.

Keeping up with their tradition of getting people nostalgic at every concert they perform in, Swaraag also took to the stage for the National Thermal Power Corporation and ICICI Lombard again, this time in Radisson Blu.

Swaraag 2

Drowning Udaipur in a cyclone of emotions, Swaraag just never fails to entice its listeners for once and for all. The best part is that Udaipur happens to be in perfect alignment with the theme of this band, be it an emotional event like a royal style wedding or a get together, Udaipur and Swaraag happen to be the perfect choice. As the city gains ground for being the abord of quick weekend getaways, romantic candle light dinners and a calm environment for people to get to know each other, Swaraag is the one band which takes all the elements of all the beauty that nature has to offer and threads it together with their soul churning and lively performances; strengthening the bonds that were always there among people but just needed to be felt again. This band is proof of the fact that music can make this world a better place for us to live, and it does exactly that one song at a time.

Udaipur is Swaraag ready, come soon to witness the magic.

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