Making Udaipur Proud by Concreting World & National Records – Rohitesh Upadhyay

Udaipur has always been one of the most supportive cities, as the locals do not shy away from celebrating the victories of talented individuals who work hard and add the proud shining badges to their names along with adding shine to our city’s grandeur.

This blog is dedicated to a 25-year-old talented individual of Udaipur: Rohitesh Upadhyay, who has proved that one can achieve anything they dream of with hard work & dedication.

Knowing Rohitesh Upadhyay

Rohitesh Upadhyay

  • Rohitesh discovered his passion for motorsports when he was 15 years old, he went through vigorous training for around 3 years in Udaipur at permitted track areas.
  • In 2013, at a very young age, he got associated with KTM & did their product endorsement in various cities with his motorsports skills.
  • Later he received several opportunities from brands like Mountain Dew & TVS.
  • In 2017 his silver star shone upon him when he created a national record with TVS company for putting up a non-stop 5-hour show in Chennai, displaying his fine tricks.
  • His silver star then turned golden on 29th September 2019, when he marked his name into the world records by performing a 125.7 meters ‘No-Hand Straight-line Wheelie’ at Mehsana Gujarat. His honorary achievement was featured in the International book of World Records & Golden Book of World Records.
  • To date, he has performed in more than 103 shows across India and several Asian countries.
  • Right now he’s working for an international OEM manufacturer firm testing their electric motorcycles.
  • He has pipelined several projects & ideas to be implemented in the future.

A Message from Rohitesh to Udaipurites

“I feel proud to represent Udaipur in various events, the amount of affection I receive from the people here is immeasurable.

Aspirations can lead you a long way, only if you stay dedicated & give in all your hard work. One has to always be cautious of his/her surroundings and while staying focused on fulfilling each dream one must stay safe and follow all the safety measures.

Safety must be the priority as, without safety, our lives can take a nasty drastic turn which nobody craves!”

Rohit emphasizes following all the safety measures and performing under professional guidance and on permitted tracks where the public is not allowed. He insists upon following every guideline while entering the field of motorsports.

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And hope you all are following the lockdown as per the government regulations.

We advise you to stay at home, prepare a chart of the steps you’ve to follow to achieve your aspiration after this pandemic wears off.

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