Swaroop Sagar Lake Udaipur

Swaroop Sagar Lake is an integral artificial lake of Udaipur, as we know mostly all the lakes in Udaipur are inter-connected; this lake is connected to Lake Pichola and Fateh Sagar and also referred as ‘Kumharia Talab’.

Swaroop Sagar Lake Udaipur

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Swaroop Sagar Lake Udaipur

Short History

  • It was built during 1842-61 by Maharana Swaroop Singh of Mewar dynasty during his reign; hence it was named after the same Mewar ruler.
  • This Lake was created to fulfill the water needs of the residents.

Information and Things to do at Swaroop Sagar Lake

  • The Lake is connected to Lake Pichola and Fateh Sagar Lake, when Udaipur receives a good amount of rainfall in the monsoons, the lake gates are opened one by one in the situation of Lake Overflow.
  • In the Lake Overflow situation one can see the dams constructed on the Swaroop Sagar Lake slid up and water gushing through the lake and a taken to Fateh Sagar Lake through a water channel.
  • It is indeed the best time to glance the Swaroop Sagar Lake as it is lit with colorful lights along with waterfalls from the dam.

Swaroop Sagar Lake Udaipur 2

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  • If you plan to visit Udaipur, we’d recommend you to stay in old city near the Pichola Lake and have a view of the scenic vast lake, but you can also find an accommodation near the Swaroop Sagar Lake as the view of this lake is no less.
  • Also for a dinner binge, you can visit lounges and restaurants adjacent to the lake for a better experience.
  • There are few gardens constructed near the lake to admire the beauty, one can also plan a small picnic in the same with picturesque scenery.

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How to reach Swaroop Sagar Lake

There are two routes for reaching Swaroop Sagar Lake:

  • From the old city by walking from the Pichola Lake towards the Swaroop Sagar Lake, it is the best way to locate the lake as the Lake premises start from the Lake Pichola’s end. This route may turn out to be congested and if you’re travelling through a 4 wheeler, we suggest you not to take this route.
  • From the main city’s Chetak Circle towards the road taken to reach Fateh Sagar Lake, you’ll find Swaroop Sagar Lake on the same road before Fateh Sagar Lake, this route has well-constructed roads and can be chosen in case you’re travelling from a car or bus.

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