Karni Mata Temple Udaipur

Here you will know history and brief about karni mata temple udaipur.

Udaipur is blessed to have two in-house Vaishno Devi Temples in the city; one has to put in efforts to reach these Goddesses in order to receive their blessings. Unlike Neemach Mata Temple, Karni Mata Temple has a shortcut for the people not willing to exert them by climbing up the mountain. The shortcut: Ropeway is for sure a tempting treat, but mostly the devotees believe in climbing up the staircase to please the Goddess.

Karni Mata Temple Udaipur

Karni Mata Temple Udaipur

About Goddess Karni Mata

  • As per the devotees of Karni Mata, she was born on 2nd October 1387 in the caste of Charan.
  • She is said to be the incarnation of Goddess Durga.
  • She is mostly worshipped in areas of Jodhpur and Bikaner, where she was born.
  • It is also said that the royal families invited her to lay the foundation of Mehrangarh Fort and Bikaner Fort.
  • One of her tales recites that she gave her dead son another life as a rat; it is also believed that all her family members incarnate as a rat and live in Karni Mata Temple with the goddess.

Karni Mata Temple Udaipur

History of Temple

  • Karni Mata Temple Udaipur was built from 1620 to 1628 by Maharana Karan Singh.
  • Maharana Karan Singh at the same time developed the residential area in Machla Magra for safety purposes.
  • But the temple wasn’t visited much by public till 1997, when the Manshapurna Karni Mata Development Committee decided to redevelop the temple.
  • Now the temple is equipped with numerous stairs and resting areas at various locations on the path of the temple, also a rope-way is installed for the convenience of devotees.

Brief About Temple

  • It is said that if you visit the Temple in evening and morning, the Goddess fulfills all your wishes and aspirations.
  • It is also said that visiting the Karni Mata Mandir extends one’s age of living.
  • Also there are many rats in the temple; it is believed that for good fortune, one must feed these rats, as the Goddess gets impressed when one takes care of the rats.
  • The staircase to the Karni Mata Temple can be accessible from Manikylal Verma Park near Dudh Talai Lake.

Karni Mata Temple Udaipur StairsImage Source

  • If one takes the staircase option, it takes around 15-20 minutes to reach to the top for an average person.
  • But within 5 minutes, one can take the ropeway to the temple from the rope-way station, Deendayal Upadhyay Park, near Dudh Talai Lake.
  • The rope-way was built by UIT in collaboration with Businessman Kailash Khandelwal. The rope-way runs on 387 meters mono cable.

Mansapurna Karni Mata Ropeway UdaipurImage Source

  • On reaching the top to the Karni Mata Temple, one can have a panoramic view of Udaipur City, from one end a detailed view of Dudh Talai Lake, Pichola Lake, Lake Palace, City Palace, Jagmandir and a lot more can be captured. And from the other end, an aerial view of the residential areas can be seen. Often Udaipurites try to spot their homes from the heights.

View of Udaipur from Karni Mata at Night

Image Source

  • Not only devotees but also fitness freaks climb up the mountain to increase their stamina.

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