Ahar Museum and Cenotaphs Udaipur

Here you’ll learn about Ahar Museum and Cenotaphs in Udaipur.

It is an archaeological site that located at 3kms from the Udaipur city, where the rulers of the Mewar Kingdom were cremated over time. It is considered as a major tourist attraction of Udaipur as this historic site amuses people and the archaeological museum showcases various excavated items.

Ahar Cenotaphs Udaipur

Ahar Cenotaphs

  • Ahar Cenotaphs as the name suggests owns around 250 cenotaphs with 19 Mewar rulers cremated in them.
  • It is believed that this site was built around 350 years ago.
  • Mewar rulers including Maharana Sangram Singh, Maharana Amar Singh, Swaroop Singh, Fateh Singh, Shambhu Singh, Bhupal Singh, Sajjan Singh and Bhagwat Singh Mewar are buried under these cenotaphs.
  • The most amusing cenotaph is of Maharan Sangram Singh as his porch includes 56 pillars and his 21 wives are buried with him in it. It is believed that in 1734, his 21 wives performed Sati. (Sati is a long gone ritual where if a husband dies before wife’s demise, the wife had to sit on the flames with his husband’s body and sacrifice her life with his husband’s.)
  • In 1900s Mewar descendant and the present Mewar Custodian Shri Arvind Singh Ji Mewar restored the site and added an archalogical museum to it, making it a major tourist attraction.

Ahar Cenotaphs Udaipur

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  • The cenotaphs are raised over the ground with big platforms along with arched roofs; these roofs are carved with the 15th century art that might interest scholars and diggers.
  • All the cenotaphs may look similar but are scarved differently, it is said that the cenotaph of Maharana Amar Singh is most admirable.

Ahar Museum

Apart from the cenotaphs an archaeological museum that preserves antiques dating 10th century including iron objects, earthen pots, skin scrubber, grain pot, stone weights, animal figures, terracotta toys, statues and other excavated artifacts. Major attraction of the museum is a metal statue of Lord Buddha that is believed to be from the 10th Also the figure of Vishnu-Nag-Nathan is another artifact to be admired.

Ahar Archeological Museum Udaipur

Timings and Entry Fees

  • Timings: 10:00am to 4:30pm (remains shut on Fridays and other national holidays).
  • Entry Fee: Rs3 per person


  • If you’re a photo-maniac carry your cameras with you, as this site contains various locations for a photo-shoot.
  • Kindly, don’t try to touch any artifact as many of them are dated back to 10th century, hence delicate.

Ahar Cenotaphs Udaipur

Ahar Cenotaphs

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