Gulab Bagh and Zoo Udaipur

In this article you will know about Gulab Bagh and Zoo Udaipur.

A humongous garden that stock several entities inside its high boundaries, it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that it is a totally distinct world inside the Gulab Bagh Garden that needs to be explored by each individual once. The elements present in the garden include a toy train, several gardens, a lake, library, temples, mosques, zoo, food area, playgrounds, Government offices and tube wells.

Gulab Bagh and Zoo Udaipur

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Gulab Bagh and Zoo Udaipur

History and Overview of Rose Garden

  • Gulab Bagh was built by Maharana Sajjan Singh Ji in 1881.
  • Hence, it is also called as Sajjan Niwas Garden.
  • Another name of Gulab Bagh was Bada Bagh, but later it was dropped because of its less frequent use amongst the public.
  • The Garden is spread over 100 acres and around 66.5 acres land is stocked with plants that are rich in medicinal benefits.
  • There are various species of plants that can be explored in the garden, namely-guava, mangoes grapes, bor, lemon, mulbury, pomegranate, rayan, bananas, sapota, bullock’s heart (ramphal), tamarind, lichi, wood apple, karonda, arjun trees, campher, jamun, citron, pummelo, meetha neem, ficus species, kargi lime anola, jack fruit, dhanverjia, jasmin, grandi flora, dawood.
  • A fascinating story lies behind the Library of the Gulab Bagh Garden, in 1980 Maharana Sajjan Singh laid the foundation of the museum which was named ‘Victoria Hall Museum’ at that time, it was inaugurated by Lord Lansdown. Also a stone statue of Queen Victoria was placed in front of the library. Later, the library was renamed as Sraswati Bhawan Library and the Queen Victoria statue was replaced by a statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

Gulab Bagh Victoria Hall Museum UdaipurGulab Bagh Victoria Hall Museum Udaipur

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  • Before the Independence in 1988, there were various vegetable and flower shows organized by Maharana Fateh Singh.
  • Also there were various fights organized between the animals by the Zoo before Independence.
  • The Zoo also owned various rare species of animals before independence like Zebras, Ostriches, Rhinos, Black Leopards, Hoolock gibbons, etc. that were later transferred to other Zoos in India.
  • Around 3000 people visit this Garden each day.
  • It is considered as one of the best place to work out.
  • The Garden consists of an abundance of roses of various species across the garden.

Rose Garden Udaipur

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Major Elements Present in Gulab Bagh

  • Toy Train:- “Bacchon ki Rail Gaadi, Bade bhi Karein Sawari”, a train specially created for kids but adults are also most welcomed to enjoy a ride across the Gulab Bagh Garden and Zoo. There is a special station installed for the arrival and departure of the train named Luv Kush Station.

Gulab Bagh Garden and Zoo Toy Train Udaipur

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  • Kamal Talai:- Kamal = Lotus, Talai = Pond; the Lotus Pond is located at the –north-east end of the Gulab Bagh Garden. It’s an oval shaped pond that consists of 4 bridges that are inter-connected.

Kamal Talai Gulab Bagh and Zoo Udaipur

  • Saraswati Bhawan Library:- The library which was initially a museum that was renowned for its collection of ancient items, manuscripts and other artifacts, the museum has now been shifted to the City Palace and has been named as Pratap Museum. The statue of Queen Victoria that was replaced by statue of Mahatama Gandhi in the garden is also present in the library along with several books of Indology, Archaeology, History and other subjects.

Saraswati Bhawan Library Gulab Bagh and Zoo Udaipur

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  • Gulab Bagh Zoo:- It is considered to be the fourth oldest zoo in the semi-continent, there are varieties of birds caged in the zoo, and also deer, lion and animals like bear are also available. You can choose to walk around the Zoo or take a toy train ride at minimal fare.

Gulab Bagh Zoo Udaipur

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  • Miraj Jyotish Upvan:- A garden which was constructed by the Miraj Group, that offers various plants rich in Ayurveda, also path-way present their provides free acupressure therapy that helps in circulating the blood-flow.

Miraj Jyotish Upvan Gulab Bagh Udaipur


Lake Palace Road, Near Pichola Lake, Udaipur, India

Best Time to Visit

We suggest you to visit the place in the morning or evening time, as the temperature will be moderate and you’ll be able to explore the huge garden with no stress.

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