Alsigarh – An Untouched Paradise Near Udaipur

In this article, you’ll be introduced to nature’s paradise near Udaipur named Alsigarh Village.

The City of Lakes: Udaipur is surrounded by the majestic Aravalli Range of Mountains which contributes to enhancing the scenic beauty in whole. These nearby mountains inhabit several small villages that have the capacity of transporting you directly into nature’s lap. Alsigarh Village is one of the several villages located in the south-west section of the district of Udaipur.

Things to Know About Alsigarh

Alsigarh Udaipur

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  • It takes approximately 1 hour to reach Alsigarh from Udaipur City; don’t forget to get your vehicles fuelled before starting the trip.
  • The journey to the location is mesmerizing, but you’ll surely be amazed when you reach the actual destination.
  • On the route to Alsigarh, you’ll find yourself surrounded by lush green mountains, and if you’re lucky you may get a closer look of the clouds seating on the surrounded mountains.
  • If you’re fond of exploring the village culture, then you’ll be in luck, as on the road towards Alsigarh, there are several villages you’ll have to pass through.
  • On reaching the village, one has to still drive for around 5km more to reach to one of the much-hyped spots which are a water stream, where you can dip your feet and relax.
  • If you are a waterfall admirer, then you must drive a bit more in the same direction until you come across a dam, look at your right and there you can find an enchanting waterfall.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Visiting Alsigarh

  • Carry Drinking Water & some refreshments along with you, as it is one long journey and there are no proper grocery stores or restaurants laid.
  • The roads are narrow and are usually wrecked, especially in the monsoon season, drive carefully, and we’d advise you not to visit the place at times of heavy rainfall.
  • If you decide to trek down to the water stream or get a closer look at the waterfall, then remember to wear your trekking shoes or any comfortable pair of footwear.
  • The nearby villagers are quite friendly, but we’d request you not to disturb them on your exploration trip.
  • If you plan a picnic at the location, remember to carry plastic bags in which you can store the disposables as there are no dustbins installed nearby. Carry the waste along with you and dispose of it properly in a bin while you reach the city.
  • It’d be great if you could make some donations to the villagers as they aren’t quite as fortunate as all.

How to Reach Alsigarh?

  • Take a left from Rampura Circle, cross Nai Village & Undhari village towards the Jhadol Phalasiya road.
  • You’ll come across a diversion where the left road takes you to Jhadol and right towards Alsigarh.
  • Take a right towards Alsigarh and drive for another 5km to reach the water stream.
  • You can always politely ask for directions from the village locals.

Hope this blog helped you in knowing Alsigarh Village better.

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