Rayta Hills – Rayta Village Udaipur

In this article, you’ll be introduced to one of the hidden treasures situated near Udaipur: Rayta Village.

Udaipur is a full-package as apart from the heritage culture muffled in the royal palaces & other sightseeing locations, the scenic beauty never fails to amaze everyone. Surrounded by the majestic Aravali Hills, the city has several hidden gems located near the city soaked in nature’s nirvana.

Rayta is one of the places near Udaipur that will transport you directly towards a peace land situated amidst lush green mountains.

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Rayta Hills – Rayta Village Udaipur

Rayta Village Udaipur - Rayta Hills

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Key Points

  • Located at a distance of 40kms from Udaipur, the Rayta Village has around 150 small houses with approximately 650 residents.
  • The green valley of Rayta attracts several people, especially in the monsoons.
  • The location can be visited all year long; though during winters, the mountains will visibly lack the greenery which is the main jewel of this mesmerizing spot.

Monsoons at Rayta

  • You must add this place to your ‘must-visit’ list in the monsoon season, as if you’re lucky enough, you can witness the eternal charm of this location at its peak.
  • One can fulfill their dream to walk in the clouds can be fulfilled on several occasions.
  • You can also check out the nearby freshwater streams in the monsoons.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Visiting

  • This place can act as a great picnic spot, pack your baskets & don’t forget to carry drinking water and other essentials along with you, as there’s no grocery store anywhere to be found near.
  • Wear comfortable footwear while visiting this location, preferably sports shoes if you’re planning to trek a little on the green mountains.
  • The Snake Roads are quite narrow, so we’d suggest you go easy on the accelerator.
  • Lastly, we’d like to request you all not to litter around the place, you may not be able to find a dustbin in the area, but one always has an option of packing the waste materials and bringing it back to the city till they find a proper dustbin for garbage disposal.
  • Rayta village is a nature retreat that should be adored and maintained!

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