Under The Sun Aquarium Udaipur

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Udaipur’s first ever fish aquarium gallery, which is now entitled to be India’s biggest fish aquarium gallery: ‘Under the Sun Aquarium’ is attracting not only the locals but also tourists from all around the world, who wish to nurture their interest in aquatic beings.

It has established itself as a hub for learning the aquatic lives as well as enjoying the fun activities present in the aquarium gallery.

Under The Sun Aquarium Udaipur


  • The aquarium is equipped with more than 150 fish tanks with over 125 species of more than 3000 fishes that have been imported from all around the world.
  • The aquarium gallery contains fish tanks of several sizes, with numerous colorful fishes residing in them. Each tank is decorated with unique marine elements mesmerizing the eyes of the viewers.

Under The Sun Aquarium Udaipur 00

  • Rare Fishes like Angel Fish, Red Piranha, Tiger Barb, Cat Fish, Silver Arwana, Flower Horn, Alligator Gar, Great White Shark, Rope Fish, Pink Zebra, Lung Fish and a lot more can be viewed in the aquarium gallery.
  • Each fish tank’s temperature and other specifications are controlled respectively according to the requirement of the particular breed of fishes present in the tank.

Under The Sun Aquarium Udaipur 01

  • Each tank is accompanied by a live LED placed below it that displays the name, origin, facts, and other details about the particular fishes present in the tank.
  • These LEDs also display the footage of the camera installed inside the fish tank for providing a closer look of the fishes.
  • For the little ones, this makes the perfect hub for grasping knowledge about the marine lives.

Under The Sun Aquarium Udaipur 02

  • As you enter the gallery, on the left you’ll be able to see various plants that have been cultivated and nurtured by the farm fishes waste. The waste that is generated by fishes work efficiently as nutrients to the plants to grow well.
  • These are called as Aquaponics where the marine elements and agriculture is combined to created healthy plants.

Under The Sun Aquarium Udaipur 03

  • There is a special aquarium which has 3 canals through which one can get clicked inside the fish tank also have a closer look of the fishes.
  • This surely fascinates tourists and they love getting clicked inside the fish tank.
  • A staff member is present at the location for guiding you on how to get inside the canal, and also click pictures inside the same.
  • At a time 3 people can enter the same fish tank via separate canals and get clicked. So, what are you waiting for? Take another 2 friends of yours and get clicked creatively.

Under The Sun Aquarium Udaipur 04

  • One can also adore the amazing artwork exhibited by the Under the Sun Aquarium gallery including several art-pieces like mermaid, turtles, octopus, star fish and several other eye-captivating craft.

Tip: Don’t forget to adore the commendable roof art pieces throughout the aquarium gallery.

  • The special mermaid that is showcased below has been designed and made by the students and faculty of Buddha College of Architecture and Town Planning.

Under The Sun Aquarium Udaipur 05

  • The Virtual Reality world of aquatic lives can also be experienced by another amusing activity offered by Under the Sun Aquarium.
  • A VR set is available for the tourists to wear and experience the underwater ocean experience.
  • An underwater ocean video is played in the VR sets, the person wearing the VR setups can acquire the feel of walking in the ocean along with the aquatic beings.
  • There is an additional fee charged for experiencing the VR world of Rs118 per person. The duration of the VR session is around 6-7 minutes.

Under The Sun Aquarium Udaipur 06

  • Another major attraction is the Click Art Museum: India’s first 3D trick art museum by renowned artist Mr. A.P. Shreethar.
  • In the Click Art Museum one can get clicked with several innovative 3D paintings.
  • As the renowned saying suggests, “Good things come at a cost!” there is an additional fee that has to be paid to get access to this Click Art Museum.
  • A staff photographer is present there throughout to help the visitors get clicked along with the 3D art.
  • One has to pay 100/- each for the Click Art Museum. An offer is also provided in which if you buy 3 tickets for the Click Art Museum, you get one ticket absolutely free.

Under The Sun Aquarium Udaipur 07

  • Crave some fish manicure? Well you can avail this facility at Under the Sun Aquarium for no additional charge.
  • The Touch Pool is stacked with numerous fishes, one can place their hands inside the pool and the fishes will come running to provide the ticklish experience.
  • One must wash their hands before putting them in the touch pool.
  • Note: We request you not to catch hold the fishes during this process.

Under The Sun Aquarium Udaipur 08

Additional Information

  • There are no camera charges for the aquarium, but using flash cameras with flash is strictly prohibited, as this irritates the marine beings.
  • Touching the fish tanks is also not allowed, if one wish to have a closer look, one can access the Touch pool.
  • Free high speed wifi is available inside the aquarium gallery, you can ask for any technical help from the staff members present throughout.
  • Outside eatables are not allowed, a canteen has been established inside the aquarium gallery for quenching the hunger. Also the food is only to be consumed by self and must not be fed to the fishes.
  • If any inappropriate behavior is suspected, the aquarium staff can deny admission as well as ask to leave the premises at any point of time.
  • The staff is friendly and guides throughout the aquarium gallery experience.
  • Washroom facility is available.


The Aquarium Gallery is located at the prime Fateh Sagar Lake’s walkway (Paal). One can easily located the aquarium gallery by the huge posters displayed at the Fateh Sagar Lake walkway.

Entrance Fees

The charges stated below are including with GST.

  • Indians above 15 years of age: Rs118/-
  • Indians below 15 years of age: Rs47/-
  • Foreigners: Rs236/-


  • 8AM-11PM

Review of Under the Sun Aquarium by My Udaipur City

  • As mentioned before, the staff of the aquarium gallery was extremely friendly and they also cooperated with our team to gather the required information about each element.
  • We’d surely recommend Under the Sun Aquarium as we found it much better than the Aquarium gallery in Mumbai.
  • Apart from being pleasing to the eyes, educating individuals about the water lives being the core agenda of the aquarium gallery was surely justified.
  • The entrance charges are surely a bit over-priced comparing to other aquarium galleries of India, but the aquarium has been constructed on a high budget which is reflected in the arts displayed inside the gallery.
  • Therefore, you must visit Under the Sun Aquarium Udaipur at least for once with friends and family.

Note: This is an unsponsored blog; our motive is to provide unbiased review of the location.

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