Goram Ghat – The Hidden Heaven

Here you’ll acquire all the necessary details about the Goram Ghat near Udaipur.

Goram Ghat has been refereed as the eternal hidden heaven as one cannot directly access the scenic location via roads or other means other than railways.

Yes! You heard us right. Forget a road trip, time to experience a mesmerizing train journey unraveling the secret heaven.

Goram Ghat

Goram Ghat


  • The rail track to the Goram Ghat was built in 1932 by the Englishmen along with the help of former Mewar’s Maharana.
  • The Journey was quite tricky to be laid as the rail tracks had to be laid through hilly regions, snake roads, tunnel and bridge as well.
  • At the construction time, this was surely a huge task for the engineers of that era.
  • Former it was a basic Meter- Gauge train and later it was transformed into a Heritage Tourism rail.


  • One has to ferry a train from the Khamli Ghat station to the Goram Ghat station to experience the fascinating Goram Ghat.
  • Initially the train starts from Maavli, but the tourists prefer boarding their train from the Khamli Ghat station.
  • The Khamli ghat is situated near Devgad of Rajsamand district.
  • The distance between Khamli Ghat and Goram Ghat is merely 14kms but it takes around an hour via the train journey to reach the location, because of the steep and tricky rail track.
  • One can also say that the speed of this particular train is quite slow comparatively. But looking at the bright side: the journey enchants an individual with the enthralling natural sceneries.
  • The train journey is basically the main attraction as according to the tourists who’ve visited Goram Ghat, the train journey is much more captivating than the actual location.
  • On reaching the Goram Ghat station, the passengers have to trek down to a miraculous waterfall, people love to bathe in the waterfall and enjoy the nature’s purity.
  • There are several temples also that can be visited at Goram Ghat including Temples of Gorakhaath Ji, Lord Shiva, Bheru Nath Ji, Heenglaaj Mateshwari, Peepleshhwar Maharaj etc.

Additional Information

  • There is no food facility available at the Goram Ghat; one must carry food packets accordingly for a safe binging.
  • Also no changing rooms are available.
  • One must wear comfortable shoes, as the trekking is an integral part of the journey.
  • A nearby Forest reservoir area can be visited by paying a small entrance fee.

Best Time to Visit

The monsoon season is the best time to visit the Goram Ghat, as the mighty hilly region cannot be missed with the crystal falling down lighting the valley.

Monsoon season: July to September

Timings of Boarding the Train

  • Boarding time from Khamli Ghat Station is 10:00am.
  • Boarding time from Goram Ghat Station is 4:00pm.

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  1. Does we stay night at goram ghat…. I mean camping with friends.. It is safe or not.. Plzz tell… N also does we need any permission for night camping

    1. No You Don”t stay here Just because it is Forest Department Place So Dangerous Animal Are walking Here And There

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