History of Maharana Pratap

Here you’ll learn about the history of Maharana Pratap and his several amusing tales.

The man who established himself as the epitome of fortitude, one who denied surrendering to the much powerful Mughal Emperor: Akbar; one whose tales are still sung by the eternal land of Mewar: Maharana Pratap.


History of Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap

Birth and Family

  • Maharana Pratap was born on 9th may 1540 in the Kumbhalgarh fort of Mewar, to Maharana Udai Singh II and Jaiwanta Bai.
  • He had 3 younger brothers namely Shakti Singh, Vikram Singh and Jagmal Singh; & 2 step sisters Chand Kanwar and Man Kanwar.
  • Later he was married to Princess of Bijolia, Ajabde Punwar.

Mewar Throne Elevation

  • The Demise of Maharana Pratap’s father: Maharana Udai Singh II occurred in 1572.
  • Rani Dheer Bai the most favorite wife of Maharana Udai Singh II wanted her son Jagmal Singh to be crowned as the king.
  • But as the Mewar tradition states, the eldest son should be crowned after the father’s demise. Therefore, the nobles of the Mewar Kingdom opposed the idea of Jagmal Singh succeeding the throne.
  • On 1st March 1572, Maharana Pratap was established as the Mewar ruler and his reign began.

Mewar & Mughal Clash

  • The Mughal agenda was to capture India and make allies with all the kingdoms that existed.
  • However, Mewar remained independent as the rulers weren’t willing to shake hands with a Mughal Emperor.
  • The Mughals made several attempts to capture Mewar and were able to capture the fort of Chittor in 1568 when Maharana Udai Singh II was in Gogunda (temporary capital of Mewar).
  • Later the Mewar Capital was shifted to Udaipur, where Maharana Pratap was crowned after his father’s demise in 1572.
  • The Mughal Emperor Akbar as at several times proposed an ally towards Mewar, but following the footsteps of his ancestors, Pratap declined, which lead to the renowned Battle of Haldighati. 

Battle of Haldighati

Maharana Pratap

  • It was fought between the Mewar and Mughal army on 18th June 1576.
  • The Mewar army was led by Maharana Pratap and the Mughal Army was led by Maan Singh I of Amber who was one of the main allies of Akbar.
  • The Mughal army consisted of approximately 5000-10000 men, whereas the Mewar army consisted of mere 3000 men along with 400 Bhils.
  • The battle was fought in the narrow mountain at Haldighati for more than 3 long hours, leaving the sand of Haldighati blood red.
  • As the Mewar army was outnumbered, therefore they lost the battle, Maharana Pratap was highly injured in the battle, and hence he had to escape on his beloved horse Chetak. 

Maharana Pratap’s Knight in Shining Armor: Chetak

  • After realizing that Maharana Pratap suffered from severe injuries, Chetak fled him away from the battlefield.
  • He had to cross a water stream in order to keep his master safe from the Mughal army, knowing the fact that his leg suffered serious injury as well.
  • After he crossed the water stream, there was no energy left in him and therefore the loyal friend died only after making sure that his master was safe.

Moti Magri Maharana Pratap Statue at Night

  • Maharana Pratap that lived in exile with his army survivors for several years, at the same time Mughals occupied the whole Mewar Kingdom.
  • In 1582, when Maharana Pratap was ready to get back his Mewar Kingdom, as the Mughal focus was shifted to other parts, Maharana Pratap attacked them and gained his Kingdom back.

The Demise of the Rajput Hero

On 19th January 1597, at the age of 59, Maharana Pratap soul departed his body which was injured in a hunting accident at Chavand.

Haldighati Museum: Relive the Heroic Tales of Maharana Pratap

The Haldighati Museum is located at a distance of 40kms from Udaipur which showcases each phase of Maharana Pratap’s life; it also exhibits the armory and battle costume which the hero wore while fighting his battles.

Read Haldighati Museum to acquire elaborated information about it.

The renowned antiquarian Col. Tod quoted on Maharana Pratap, “There is not a pass in the Alpine Aravalli that is not sanctified by some deed of Maharana Pratap – some brilliant victory, or oftener, more glorious defeat.”

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