Rawal Ratan Singh History

Rawal Ratan Singh was the ruler of the Kingdom of Mewar in the 13th century. Ratan Singh belongs to the Guhila dynasty. He belonged to the Rawal branch of this dynasty. He was the last ruler of this branch.


Ratan Singh was the last ruler of the dynasty of Bappa Rawal. He was the son of Rawal Samar Singh. His wife’s name was queen Padmavati or Padmini. According to some historians he sat on the throne in 1302 CE. His reign was mostly one year only. And due to the destruction of the dynasty, their name disappeared from the legends of the later Bhats.

Mainly relying on these sources, his name has not been given even in Colonel Tod’s well-known book on the history of Rajasthan. But famous historian Gaurichan proved the historicity of Rawal Ratan Singh by clarifying Todd’s mistakes.

Rawal Ratan Singh History

Queen Padmini

Padmini was the queen of Raval Ratan Singh the king of the Mewar kingdom in the 13th century. As per the text of Malik Mohambad Jayashi, Padmini was the princess of the Sinhalese Kingdom / Shri Lanka. Her father’s name was Gandhrvasen and her mother’s name was Champawati. Rawal Ratan Singh heard about her beauty from a parrot named Hiraman. Ratan Singh married Padmini and was brought to Chittor.

According to some Rajasthani legends, Padmini was the princess of Pongal, Bikaner.

A man named Raghav Chetan told Allauddin Khilji about the beauty of Queen Padmini.

Reasons Behind the Attack on Chittor

  • Khilji’s imperialist policy.
  • To reduce the growing influence of Chittor.
  • Strategic and Financial importance of Chittor.
  • Alauddin Khilji wanted to get Queen Padmini, the wife of Rawal Ratan Singh.


As per the text of Padmavati, Rawal Ratan Singh was murdered by Alauddin Khilji. After his death, Queen Padmini did Jauhar with the elder queen and many women. Chittor was handed over to Alauddin’s son Khizra Khan and Chittor was renamed Khizrabad.

After some time Alauddin Khilji handed over Chittor to Maldev Songara brother of Kanhad Dev Chauhan.

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