Rana Lakha History

Rana Lakha was the ruler of Mewar belonging to the Sisodiya dynasty. He ruled from 1382 to 1421. Lakha did several marriages and had eight sons. His wife’s name was Hansabai. His father’s name was Rana Kshetra Singh.

Rana Lakha History

Mewar’s financial condition was not good when Rana Lakha sat on the throne. At that time a silver mine was found in Rawal near Udaipur that resolved all financial problems. After that Rana Lakha started moving towards progress. This silver mine was the biggest silver mine in Asia.

NameRana Lakha /Laksh Singh
FatherKshetra Singh
SonMaharana Mokal Singh, Chunda Singh, Dulha Singh, Aja, and Raghavdev Singh
DynastySisodiya Dynasty
SuccessorMaharana Mokal Singh
Tenure1382 CE to 1397 CE

Pichola Lake 

Lake Pichola remained the only source of drinking water during his reign. A banjara named Pichu constructed Pichola lake during Lakha’s rule.

Lake Pichola is situated in Udaipur city of Rajasthan, India. It is an artificial freshwater lake. Maharana Udai Singh expanded Pichola Lake after the discovery of Udaipur city. Its area is 6.96 km2.

Interesting Fact

In his last days, he married Hanshabai the princess of Marwar. It was a conditional marriage. The condition was that his eldest son Kunwar Chunda will not become king. The son of Hanshabai and Lakha would sit on the throne. Later, Maharana Mokal, the son of Hansabai and Lakha, sat on the throne.

Rana Lakha was an amazing singer. Dhaneshwar Bhatt and Jhotingbhatt were famous singers in their court and adorn the court of Mewar.

Expansion of Empire

Rana Lakha was one of the successful Maharanas of Mewar. In his time the tin and silver mines of Jawar were discovered in the country conquered by his father from the Bhils.


Rana Lakha died in a normal way. His successor Mokal was only 5 years old when he died. Hansabai took care of her son Mokal after Lakha’s death. Rana Lakha’s elder son Chunda Singh fulfilled his promise and made Mokal the ruler of Mewar.

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