Udaipur Solar Observatory (USO)

There are only two Solar Observatories in India that are situated on an island amidst water.

The Udaipur Solar Observatory is considered to be Asia’s best observatory site to observe the movement of sun.

Udaipur Solar Observatory

  • The Observatory was inspired by California’s solar observatory that is located in the Big Bear Lake.
  • In 1976, Dr. Arvind Bhatnagar built USO under a trust named Vedhashala Trust of Ahemdabad.
  • In 1983, Dr. Ashoka Ambastha joined in the initiative to build USO.
  • The Udaipur Solar Observatory is under the Government of India.

Udaipur Solar Observatory (USO)

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  • The Udaipur Solar Observatory is situated on an island in Fateh Sagar Lake.
  • The Location is extremely beneficial as the atmosphere is favorable for solar observation.
  • Air turbulence is also comparatively less on an island than on land.
  • Also being situated in Rajasthan, it receives another advantage of maximum no. of cloudless days.
  • Therefore sharp images of Sun and the Solar System can be acquired from this site.


  • The USO aspires to do research in modern science whereas is engaged in Astrological activities.
  • It has been 25 years since the USO was established, hence the USO has examined entire Solar Cycle, and now it will examine another Solar Cycle now.
  • For quality solar observations, there are many telescopes available in USO.
  • Also a new device will soon be established named ‘Solar Vector Magnetograph’ that will be used in determining magnitude fields.
  • The USO has collaborated with various International programs like Global Oscillations Network Group, and provides solar coverage to these programs.

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How to visit USO

The Udaipur Solar Observatory is a restricted area, only the staff can access the observatory, but one can take a boat ride to watch the observatory from outside.

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