Nandeshwar Ji Udaipur

Nandeshwar is about 15 km from Udaipur city. It is situated on State Highway No. 50, Chaukariya, Rajasthan. This place is known as Nandeshwarji because Lord Shiva’s temple is situated in its vicinity. The temple is a centre of peace for believers. There is a wishing well, too.

Nandeshwar Mahadev temple in Udaipur is famous for its peacefulness and the relaxation it offers. It is an ancient temple made of white stone. It has a separate space for performing Yagya and Puja, and for different occasions. A small pond is situated there to perform various rituals. Another temple of Ram Lakshman and Janki is associated with it.

Nandeshwar Ji Udaipur

History of Nandeshwar Ji

It is said that at this place, Narad Muni worshipped Lord Shiva for many years. That’s why this place is known as Nandeshwarji. It is also known as Mahadevji or Aadi Anadi Nath. Some believe that this temple is named after Nandi (cow) who is the vehicle of Mahadevji. The most wonderful about this temple is it has Shivling on all sides.

The Triple-eyed Shivling is always dipped in the water. Rainfall is predicted in Udaipur by observing the water level in that portion every year.

The Holy Water & Wishing Well

On the outskirts of the temple, there is a pond. It is its water is equally holy to the holy Ganga water. Dipping inside this water purifies the person as he is purified in the Ganga river.

It is believed that anyone who throws a coin wishing something and if it touches the large stone then his wish will be fulfilled.

A Mystery

The source of water in Nandeshwarji’s pond is still a mystery. It is assumed that it receives water from Aranya mountain which is mentioned in the Ramayana and the Puran.

Nandeshwarji During Monsoon

During monsoons, the area of Nandeshwarji looks extremely beautiful. Continuous rainfall and water flow give a gorgeous look making it a beautiful tourist destination that gives you a feel like you are in the Kashmir valley.

The flow of Sisarma lake nearby the temple and the beautiful greenery make this temple a world-class tourist spot.

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