Bappa Rawal History

Bappa Rawal was the ruler of the Mewar Kingdom in the 8th century. His real name was Kalabhoj. According to Bardiac chronicles, Bappa Rawal was a member of the Guhila Rajput clan. But some describe him as a founder of the Guhila Dynasty. Bappa Rawal went up to Ghazni defeating the Muslim army. He was a student of Rishi Harit.

Early Life

Bappa Rawal was born on 712 CE. There are many opinion differences among historians regarding the birth of Bappa Rawal. His most of childhood was spent in Nagda village of Mewar. Bappa Rawal’s father’s name was Nagaditya but according to some historians, his father’s name was Mahendra 2nd, the ruler of Idar.

Bapa Rawal History

Guhila dynasty was founded by Guhiladitya in 566 CE. Some historians describe Bappa Rawal as the real founder of the Guhila dynasty. Guhilas are considered Suryavanshi, they describe themselves as the descendant of Kush (The son of suryavanshi lord Ram).

It is said that when Bappa Rawal’s age was only 3 years his father was murdered and his mother sent him to a priest. In his childhood, Bappa used to go to graze the cows of Harit Rishi. One of these cows when came back to the ashram, its milk used to end. One day secretly Bappa saw a cow standing in one place, its milk was streaming on a Shivalinga. It is said that later on this place Bappa Rawal made the Eklingji Temple.

Bappa Rawal became the king by the grace of Harit Rishi. The Sisodiya dynasty came out of this dynasty. Later great heroes like Rana Kumbha, Rana Sanga, and Maharana Pratap emerged.

Personal Life

Bappa Rawal had total hundred queens. Out of them, 35 queens were the daughters of Muslim rulers. According to the present Indian border, Bappa Rawal did 18 international marriages. He had many sons but among them, Sumer Singh became his successor. Sumer Singh ruled from 753 CE to 773 CE. After that, his son Ratan Singh sat on the throne of Mewar.

Establishment of Rawalpindi

Bappa extended Mewar to the Ghazni. This area was too remote so he established a military post for the supervision of Arabian robbers. That place is called Rawalpindi. At the present time, Rawalpindi is in Pakistan. It is a famous city in Punjab province.

Bappa Rawal’s Devotion

Bappa Rawal was a great devotee of lord Shiva. From his childhood, Bappa worshiped Eklingji (a form of Shiva). In childhood, he found the idol of Eklingji. Later he made the Eklingji temple in Kailashpuri near Udaipur. Eklingji is believed to be the ruling god of Mewar and the King rules as his Dewan.

Interesting Facts

Most of the facts are related to his stature. It is said that he wore a dhoti of 35 hands and a scarf of 16 hands. The weight of his sword was 32 mun (1 mun = 40 kg). He could sacrifice two buffalo at a time. Bappa Rawal used to eat 4 goats in his meal.

Bappa Rawal Death 

According to some historians, he died at the age of 97 in 810 CE. According to all historians he died in Nagda.

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