Rajsamand Lake – A Mesmeric Delight

Rajsamand Lake, which is situated in Rajsamand district (at a distance of approx 66 Km from Udaipur). The beauty, the charm, the construction; this lake holds all the beautiful qualities. And with respect to charismatic views, there are many more things which can be explored by visiting this lake. Curious to explore then continue reading.

Rajsamand Lake

Tremendous Old Days

Rajsamand lake was constructed in the 17th century near the town Rajsmand. The lake owes its existence to Maharana Raj Singh, and by following his order this lake was built in 1660. More specifically the construction of this lake began on January 1, 1662. Ranchod Rai, the elder son of Purohit Garibdas, who was the royal priest at that ruling period, laid the foundation stone on April 17, 1665. This lake is also known as Rajsamudra Lake.

The lake was constructed with a dam, it was built for helping the local farmers and victims of droughts in 1661. And because of the building of this lake, the victims of this drought were provided employment and this was also one of the provisions of making the dam.

Geographical Coverage

Rajsamand lake is about 6.4 km in length, 2.8 km in breadth and 60 feet in depth. The lake is located about 66 Km in the north of Udaipur. The lake is situated between two cities of Udaipur namely Rajnagar & Kankroli. It was built across Gomati, Kelwa and Tali rivers. The lake covers an area of 510 km.sq, and river Gomati is the main supplier of water to the lake. For reaching this lake from Udaipur you can hire a personal cab or you can also use local conveyance.

Rajsamand Lake

Things To Explore

The beauty of the lake involves some interesting things which can be explored. The place has an embankment which is adorned with carved arches and cenotaphs. In the southern part of the lake have historical five toranas or weighing arches, these arches were once used by Maharajas of a royal family to weigh themselves in gold, silver and precious metals. After weighing these metals were later on distributed poor people and Brahmins as a charity.

The other beautiful thing about Rajsamand Lake is the nine pavilions or Nauchowki, which were built by Maharana Raj Singh. These nine pavilions have intricate carvings and delicate designs. The designs and carvings of the Nauchowki include sun, chariots, gods and finely detailed carvings of animals and birds. These pavilions are so tempting that you can sit there and can enjoy the scenic charm of the lake.

Rajsamand Lake

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Another interesting thing about this place is Raj Prasati, which is the great history of Mewar written in Sanskrit. The history is of 1017 stanzas carved on 27 marble slabs. They are worth watching as they make you introduce to the old and great history and culture of Mewar. It is also claimed that it one of the longest etching in India. The views of this place are also mesmerizing especially at the time of sunset, the water of lake glitter with the startling light of the sun.

To Make Your Visit Memorable

Although the visiting the place is a memorable experience but to add a pinch of salt to your memories you can do some of the things here. Rather than visiting the place in a single day, take a hold at the place. Spare one extra day from the planning and check in a hotel nearby and enjoy the charming beauty of the lake. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset time on the lake and feel the calming views of the lake.

Choosing the right weather is also an important part, but fortunately, this place holds its beauty at all times. Whether it’s winter or summers, but when it comes to monsoon the charms raises a bit above. In monsoons with lake, all the nearby surroundings become green and you get a good view of the place. Also, you can taste local cuisines and can relish your stomach. The place has scenic view accompanied by a royal glance.

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