Goverdhan Sagar Lake: The Southern Delight of Udaipur

Here you’ll get a brief info about the less renowned lake of Udaipur: Goverdhan Sagar.

Udaipur has several water bodies spread across various parts of the city, in a city tour usually one is exhibited the most renowned lakes including Fateh Sagar Lake and Lake Pichola. Whereas, there are other magnificent lakes as well that are lost in the shadows.

One of which is the southern most delight of Udaipur: Goverdhan Sagar Lake.

Goverdhan Sagar Udaipur

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Goverdhan Sagar Lake

  • Goverdhan Sagar is the smallest artificial lake of Udaipur with an area of 3750m.
  • It is situated in the south portion of the city.
  • As all the lakes in Udaipur are inter-connected, the Goverdhan Sagar Lake receives its water from Lake Pichola as well.
  • One can easily spot the lake while travelling from the Ahemdabad- Udaipur Highway road to their left.
  • A vast garden with constructed an elevated walkways and cenotaphs is built near the lake for the ones craving to spend some time near the lake.

Amusing Elements about Goverdhan Sagar Lake

  • A lush garden is built on the front side of the lake, however the backside of the lake is also mesmerizing.
  • The back side of the Goverdhan Sagar lake can be accessed by taking a left turn adjacent to the lake when travelling from Ahemdabad- Udaipur link.
  • This road is an appropriate one to take for romantic long drives with a backdrop of the lake.
  • One can stop by lake on an open area that has been built on the backside, this area is equipped with seats to cherish the lake especially during sunrise or sunset.

Goverdhan Sagar Lake Udaipur

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  • At the end of the boundary of the lake you can easily spot a ship shaped structure constructed in the side-waters.
  • This ship structure is actually Panna Dhai Museum, this is a dedicated museum to honour the sacrifice of Panna Dhai for Rajasthan. There are several pictures and elements that depict her life story, also a 3D show is aired each day at the museum.
  • There is a nominal entry fee for the museum and it can be accessible before 9pm.

Additional Information about the Lake

  • Few years back the National Lake Conservation Program took 4 lakes of Udaipur under them, one of which was Goverdhan Sagar.
  • Since then the attractions near the lake has been embellished.
  • If you intend to stay in a lake-facing hotel in Udaipur and have decided to be on a low-budget then you can also consider the hotels near Goverdhan Sagar lakes. These will be less pricey and provide you the mesmerizing lake- view you’ve been dreaming of in Udaipur.
  • One can easily get a taxi or cab services to and forth the lake, but as it is located on the outskirts of the city, it may take approximately half n hour from the main city.
  • Plan your sunset viewing from the lake, and then head towards the small Dhabas on the Ahemdabad highway road serving mouth-watering food for dinner.

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