Bahubali Hills Udaipur – A Paradise Discovered by Youth

In this blog, you’ll be described a serene location in Udaipur which has now become a well-renowned tourist spot.

The young blood of Udaipur proved that this country has the most brilliant youngsters waiting to present their theories, ideas, explorations, techniques to the world.

The Bahubali Hills which has now successfully entered the list of renowned tourist spots of Udaipur has quite a story behind its discovery and naming.

Bahubali Hills in Udaipur

Bahubali Hills in Udaipur

  • The Bahubali Hill situated near the Badi Lake was brought to light by some cheerful young locals of the city, who went on an uncalled exploration expedition near the lake. They then stumbled upon this elevated structure that could be climbed upon by an unstructured pathway.
  • Climbing up on the hill, the aerial astounding brief view of the Lake and valley made them spread the word out about this retreat.
  • This hill was later named by the youths when the famous movie Bahubali was released, which was based on a brave character named ‘Bahubali’ who couldn’t be defeated but was murdered by deception by his close one.

Evolution of the Hill

  • There is now a proper parking system, regulated by an elder nearby village resident who makes sure your vehicle remains safely parked.
  • With the crowd visiting frequently a small tea shop has also been opened at the top serving refreshments with a view.
  • There was a complaint about the youngsters polluting this delightful sight which was later resolved by a bunch of other young people who went up the hill and cleaned the place by wiping off the spray paint off the rocks and installing trash cans.
  • The walkway with so many people visiting daily has been now easy to trek and can be accomplished by everyone.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Wear comfortable trekking shoes, as it is a small and safe 10 minutes trek up the hill.
  • If you carry any eatables up the hill, make sure you either carry back the wrappers or put them in a dust bin.
  • The small eatery present there tend to charge extra than the MRP.
  • When you reach up the hill, it can be a bit dangerous to walk up to the edge, be extra careful, people with health issues are advised to take precaution.
  • Carry your drones for a much wider shot of the valley.
  • Catch the glimpse rising sun or the setting sun from the top of the hill for an absolutely delightful experience.
  • One can also have a mesmerizing pre-wedding shoot on the top if you’d want to capture the essence of the city in a frame along with your well brewed love with your beau.

How to Reach Bahubali Hills?

  • Bahubali Hills is located on the outskirts of Udaipur city, therefore can take up to 45 minutes by car or bike.
  • Reach the Badi Lake, and take a right turn towards the Silence Resort. The road will lead you towards a bit narrow path, keep looking at your left, soon you’ll spot a parking space. Park your respective vehicles here, pay the parking fee, and trek up the hill from the pathway.
  • You can also use Google Maps.
  • It would be great to take a cab, but usually, the cab drivers do not take you to the Badi lake, in that case renting a vehicle is the best option.

Hope this article helped you in knowing about one of the most bewildering places of Udaipur.

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  1. I have visited bahubali hills today i.e 7th June, 2022 and just want to clarify that Google Maps suggest some unknown track while using directions. Once you reach nearby just close directions and zoom in near the actual location and you’ll find a narrow road. That’s where the small trek starts. Try to reach there before 6am to avoid crowd.

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