10 Haunted Places in Udaipur

Here you’ll get a list of the most talked haunted places in Udaipur.

Halloween is long gone, but it is never too late to nurture your uncanny cravings!

If you’re an adventure freak, love exploring renowned places with spookiest stories, and believe that there are several baffling theories that remain puzzled: this is the quintessential place for you.

Mewar is often referred as the land of mysterious elements; it is believed that there are several spooky components present near us that are invisible to human eyes, sometimes these components express their presence via various means leaving us with creepy chills.

Note: All the content mentioned in this article has been extracted through various ghostly stories by natives of Udaipur.


10 Haunted Places in Udaipur

Sajjangarh Fort (The Monsoon Palace)

It is believed that the underground floor of Sajjangarh Fort remains locked and inaccessible by tourists. There are several stories that the old recite that there have been incidents when people felt something unnatural while exploring the underground rooms of Sajjangarh fort, due to several complaints it has now been locked to control the situation. Also tourists are not allowed to stay at the fort after 7pm in the evening because it is situated on the top of a hill and the road to reach it very risky.

Sajjangarh Fort Udaipur - The Monsoon Palace

Rani Road

The scenic rani road is an ideal road for a romantic long drive; but people try not to access the same road at midnight. The locals of Udaipur (especially youngsters) have stated to experience unearthly existence mostly at the time slot of 12pm to 4am. Most common tale that has happened with several people on the same road is of vehicle halt for few minutes due of no specific reason.

Rani Road Udaipur

NH8 opposite Amargarh Resort

This highway road is believed to be a haunted one as every now and then there are several accidents that occur in this particular location. It is said that there is something unearthly present on this road that is responsible for all the unfortunate accidents.

NH8 opposite Amargarh Resort

Rana Kumbha Palace Chittorgarh

The Chittorgarh Fort holds a much sung tale of Rani Padmani’s jauhar along with other 700 females. Jauhar was a ceremony performed by Rajput females in past, in which females used to jump into fire and sacrifice their lives so that their enemies do not exploit them after winning a battle over their kingdom. When Alauddin Khilji (Delhi’s Sultan) won a battle against Rani Padmini’s empire, the brave queen sacrificed her life along with 700 females by jumping into a pit of fire. One can still visit the fort and explore the fire pit; people have reported to hear the screams of women asking for help.

Rana Kumbha Palace Chittorgarh

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Gulab Bagh

The vast 100 acres land of Gulab Bagh Garden bears another world within its premises. It is not allowed to visit this garden at night; many people have claimed that exorcism is performed in the masjids in the Gulab Bagh Garden. An Udaipur local stated to hear screams which constituted of a mixture of male and female voice. People usually leave the garden gradually when it starts getting dark.

Gulab Bagh Udaipur

Chandni Village

Located at 23kms from Udaipur’s main city, Chandni Village is a famous picnic spot with an enchanting water stream and captivating natural views. But there are several stories told by the villagers residing in the village, it is claimed that a woman’s spirit haunts the Chandani Village. The village isn’t equipped with proper street lights therefore it creates a scary ambience. The villagers when see people binging after dark often come and warn to leave the village before it gets too late.

Chandni Village Udaipur 1

NH 79 Ajmer – Udaipur Highway

This Highway is said to be one of the most haunted places of Rajasthan; the story behind it states that a woman was against her daughter’s child marriage, she ran towards the highway to save her daughter and started asking for help from the passersby people. Unfortunately, she and her daughter were hit by a vehicle and lost their lives in the accident. From then, numerous people have spotted a ghost of a lady carrying her child, screaming for help.

NH 79 Ajmer – Udaipur Highway

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Road near Doodh Talai Lake

Few locals of Udaipur also claimed that the road surrounding Doodh Talai Lake starting from the Hanuman Temple till Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Park is said to be a home for spooky components. According to a resident of Udaipur, at midnight when he and his friends went on a drive to Doodh Talai Lake, on the same mysterious road their car halted and in few minutes it started moving backwards. He claimed that one of his friends became unconscious at the very moment, they then started chanting some religious mantra and in another few minutes the car started automatically and they drove off then.

Dudh Talai Lake Udaipur

Badi Lake

The area surrounding Badi Lake is covered with dense forest and mountains; it is believed that at night various wild beings also roam on the roads constructed near the lake. If you visit Badi Lake you’ll experience a mysterious calmness in the water of Badi Lake. People are warned by their elders not to visit Badi Lake at the dark peak hours.

Badi Lake Udaipur

Chirwa Ghati

The famous Chirwa Ghati which is now transformed into Chirwa Tunnel is one the most accident prone area. Before the tunnel was built, it is said that all each person who used to cross the Chirwa road had to stop at the Temple constructed nearby and take the blessings of the lord for safety. It is also said that the people who did not visit the temple were prey to dangerous accidents. Still this zone remains an accident-prone area, and it is believed that there is some unexplainable energy responsible for the same.

Chirwa Ghati Udaipur

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Dare to visit these places in Udaipur?

Note: All the content mentioned in this article has been extracted through various ghostly stories by natives of Udaipur.

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