Sukhadia Circle Udaipur

Located in the heart of the Panchwati area, Sukhadia Circle is considered as one of the main hangout place for Udaipur Locals. The circular garden is comprises of a small pond, and then the small pond comprises of a 21 ft. high Fountain that is three tired and in a shape of Wheat-Ear Motif that is considered as a mark of Prosperity in the region.

Sukhadia Circle Udaipur


  • The Construction of Sukhadia Circle was started in 1968 and in 1970 was open for public.
  • The Sukhadia Circle is named after the ex-Chief Minister of Rajasthan, who was also a native of Udaipur, named Mohan Lal Sukhadia Ji.

Mohanlal Sukhadia Ji

Attributes of Sukhadia Circle

  • Sukhadia Circle is situated in the heart of Panchwati and is considered to be a major Landmark of the city.
  • Sukhadia Circle is covered with lush green gardens where Udaipurites are seen chilling with their family and friends.
  • Often there are various puppet shows and other entertainment activities organized in the garden stretch inside the Sukhadia Circle Udaipur.
  • After one crosses the garden, the pond is visible between the Sukhadia Circle.
  • One can enjoy boating activities in the small pond at nominal charges.
  • The boats are self-paddled and one can practice boating in a circular motion around the huge Fountain.

Sukhadia Circle BoatingImage Source

  • The Fountain is 21 feet tall and is built of Marble Stone.
  • The Fountain is in a shape of Wheat-Ear Motif, which is believed to bring prosperity in the region.
  • At night, the fountain is lit with colorful lights and it attracts public from a distance with its charm.

Sukhadia Circle Udaipur Night View

  • The Sukhadia Circle is surrounded with various food stalls that serve absolutely lip-smacking street food in Udaipur.
  • There are numerous of Kiosks in the area, serving variety of dishes that include Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri, Chaat, Dosa, Vada Pav, Tofu Chilli, Chinese dishes, Pizza, Ice-Creams, Gotas, Faloodas, and a lot more. You name a dish and you’ll find it there at one or the other food stall.
  • The Food Stalls mainly remain crowded on Sundays and any other holidays, but also everyday several people can be spotted in evening relishing their hunger.
  • One can also enjoy camel and horse rides around the circle, there are various riders offering rides at a nominal rate.

Sukhadia Circle Udaipur Camel Ride

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